“Actually all women should go on strike”: A midwife tells why she has given up her job

Martina Meyer (0026 burned for her job as a midwife. She loved helping the expectant mothers and their babies. But one day she could not anymore. Here she tells why she no longer wanted to work as a midwife.

Due to the difficult working conditions, more and more midwives in Germany retire from obstetrics or the whole profession

They suffer from excessive workload, poor pay, lack of appreciation, high liability and excessive bureaucracy. bring and provide. 576232 and the 32768 of the German Midwives Association document the deficiency. Midwife Martina Meyer One of the midwives who have given up their profession is <=b&&122> Martina Meyer

“I missed many birthdays of my daughter” 11652156 Not only Martinas health suffers in her years as a midwife. Even her marriage does not withstand the burden. Your family life is constantly subject to the constraints of on-call service. Every moment the phone can ring. More than once, on her daughter's birthday, she is called to a birth: “I remember a birthday, because it was particularly bad, this morning she should get her bike. ( Her daughter also loves working with children. However, she did not want to become a midwife after having experienced her mother in the profession. She has become an educator instead. 20170907 As the main breadwinner of the family, Martina Meyer is constantly under financial pressure: “I was always the sole breadwinner, had husband and daughter co-insured.If I went on vacation, I did not earn anything during this time, but the fixed costs continued Increased for midwives for years, keyword liability insurance.When I started as a midwife, the liability premium was at 344 D-Mark per year. arrived. I feel like a midwife is in a hamster wheel. You work and work And if you deserve more, and you do not do it smartly, Father State is right there and collects the taxes. “4023233417 “Now I'm really free” even the good side has certain limitations: “I believe that in the midwife profession, many people who want to live independently and work want to work. I am in a different situation now and have fixed working hours with my baby swimming school. I think it's great. But sometimes I miss that spontaneity that I could have as a self-employed midwife. That's great, have a few days off in the week, then go to the sea and not so full beaches have … I cheer now a bit high – because actually it was so that I always had call readiness. And then it was only possible to go to the sea during the week, because then you come back quickly. If you're stuck in a traffic jam at the weekend and you're called to birth, you can not. You can only move within a certain radius, woman is ready. “

Martina needed two years to mentally get out of this situation of constant call readiness: “Now I'm really free. It does not matter, the phone can ring, I do not have to answer. “10029962 Obstetrics in the hospital: Trying out alternative birth methods, such as singing, and experiencing situations that make them doubt the safety of births in a hospital: ” ( , If nobody looks after you, even though you're in the hospital, it can be very dangerous. “Her performance also sometimes suffered from the burden:” I was certainly not always a good midwife, there were periods when I was overwhelmed, and there I would also like to apologize to those who may not have looked after me so well. I also noticed in the clinic – I have to go out so I can become the midwife I want to be. “10029206 For the birth of her own daughter Martina Meyer planned a home birth. Unfortunately, that did not matter because their midwives were all prevented at birth. “I went to a clinic at night and gave birth to my daughter there. Until then, I was in trouble with clinics, thought it was all bad, but that was a good experience. So I was able to make peace with obstetrics in clinics. There are also midwives in clinics who do good work.

1014 * Accompaniment of pregnant women in doctors' offices and over-examinations of the baby during pregnancy: “Of course, some examinations are helpful in assessing the health of the baby and the mother, but it has become rampant. In a practice in which I once worked, the pregnant women were given a booklet with the expensive additional services in hand. Schwupps, the woman had spent a few hundred euros, but hardly ever saw the midwife who is there to take away the fears of the expectant mothers. It used to mean that the woman is in good hope or in the expectation that you will not be able to do that today with this birth medicine. “

Actually, all women should go on strike 10029206

Still, Martina Meyer would still recommend young people to become a midwife. “If I did not recommend it, I would, so to speak, shelve the profession of a midwife and that can not be. This job is so beautiful and so important. I would choose him again. And I would definitely be young people with a desire to become a midwife , recommend learning this profession and accompanying women and children in this life. 2562383102 We need women and men who do that and fight for women's rights. My heart is bleeding when I hear about women who experience bad births have because they were poorly or not cared for. Actually, there should be alliances of women for better birth care. Actually, all women should go on strike and say: we can not have children until you change the system. We want good midwifery care. “10877600 “Maximum profit collection in clinics should be banned” This does not only apply to midwives, but also to all other nursing professions. I think economic work is not bad, and the federal government must work economically. But you have to keep an eye on the health of your population. Good medical care must not suffer from economic constraints. The system of maximum profit extraction in clinics should be banned. Midwives need adequate remuneration and reasonable working conditions with adequate time off. When it comes to obstetrics, the point is: and their children still do not have the value they deserve – and they are our future 3395469782. “

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