Adult Boomerang Kids Stressing Their Parents

When adult children move back with their parents, it diminishes the quality of life of the parents and it feels like a profanation.


When the children move out, many parents start a new phase of their lives, where they can finally realize the long-delayed. But if the offspring returns like a boomerang, this significantly limits the quality of life of the parents, British researchers found out in a study in which Austrians were also interviewed. The study was published in the journal “Social Science and Medicine”.

These adult “boomerang kids” cause stress among their parents and often cause conflict, explains Marco Tosi of the London School of Economics and Emily Grundy of the University of Essex. According to their survey in 17 European countries, including, parents are losing control of their own lives, autonomy, enjoyment, and the potential for self-fulfillment through resurgent offspring.

“Parents enjoy independence”

“Parents enjoy independence when the children move out, and refilling an empty ‘nest’ can be considered a profanation of that period of life,” they say. But this only happens if all the children are fledging and the nest is empty. If there is still a nest check in the parental refuge, an additional returner obviously does not matter much.

Of the 99,000 parents between the ages of 50 and 75, 1,070, or around one percent, had such boomerang children. They often fled to their parents’ home after a divorce or job loss. Such negative events also aggravate the discomfort of the old lords over the penetration of their now-free everyday life.

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