Adults tell: At that moment, I realized that I'm no longer a child

Well, what did you notice the first time you’re grown up? Headache in the morning? Puddle dodged instead of jumping in? In “Reddit” many people have shared their moments of enlightenment.

As a child, we can hardly wait to grow up. Stay up as long as we want, leave as much broccoli as we do not want, and decide for yourself when to clean the room. But when we first grow up, we realize very quickly that it is somehow different than imagined … Especially in moments when our childhood ideas of adulthood burst on reality like a balloon on a pushpin, we suddenly realize : It is so far – somewhere I grew up. With ” Reddit ” numerous users have their “Oops, I’m grown up!” – shared moments.

Adults tell: At that moment, I realized that I’m no longer a child

1. Money is not everything

“I knew I was an adult when I realized that having money for one thing did not mean that I could afford it.”

2nd bedtime

“When I was finally able to stay up as long as I wanted, and would have preferred to go to bed by 8 pm.”

3. Happy Brithday!

“On my 22nd birthday, I came home from work and no one was there, no cake, no balloons, no family waiting for me with a birthday dinner, I went alone to Papa Murphies, got my favorite pizza and ate it all For me, I grew up in a big family, five older siblings, aunts and uncles who were always visiting, it was the first time I was alone on my birthday. “

4. A bloody pillow

“At the age of 21 I had to pull the wisdom teeth, I went to the orthodontist and he told me ‘with local anesthesia it costs 700, with general anesthesia 1800’ .I was uninsured, so I decided to stay awake Then, after watching the doctor rip three teeth out of my skull, I paid another 100 for medication, and then I went home, went to bed, and when I woke up, I realized I had bled my pillow And the moment I realized that I’m the one who had to clean it up, it dawned on me that I’m probably an adult by now. “

5. A mortgage

“One day I woke up, was married and had to pay off a mortgage – I do not know when all this happened.”

6. Why so serious?

“When people started to take me too seriously.”

7. For others there

“When I started looking after my family and friends, when you’re a kid, you’re used to others looking after you.”

8. Dinner is ready

“When I realized I could eat Nutella for dinner and nobody said anything.”

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