Airport Hacks – a flight attendant reveals her 9 tricks

Delia is a flight attendant – and of course knows which airport hacks are really good. Here she reveals her tips for a relaxed and economical time at the airport.

1) Allow more than enough time

Although it is actually logical and well-known, but is still too rarely heeded: the advice to early at the airport. When things get tight, the start of a vacation quickly ends in stress and hectic – especially when you know that passengers are missing their flight more and more often because the crowd at the security checkpoints can no longer be managed adequately. Anyone who has time remains relaxed, even if the traffic jam on the way to the airport and the queue at the security is long. If you actually have time left before boarding, you can enjoy them at the airport – with strolling, browsing, drinking coffee or just watching.

2) Turn left

At check-in and at the security check, there are usually several queues. Since almost all people are right-handed, they unconsciously turn right. Do it differently from the majority and try to line up with the left snake. So you can often save time.

3) Free parking

If you leave your car at the airport while on vacation, the cost of the parking can be nearly as expensive as the ticket. If you can not use public transport, you should try to get a free car park near the airport and get the last piece on foot, by bus or by taxi. Websites such as list such parking lots.

4) Use luggage cart for free

Many passengers at the airport get a pay luggage cart at the airport and then leave it there instead of bringing it back. Good for you: now he belongs to you!

5) Pack snacks

Pack some snacks in your hand luggage, because until the on-board service starts, it’s like passing a few hours since the last meal. And the prices at the airport are known to be salted. You can refill your bottle behind the security check on the water dispenser or on the toilet sink.

6) Check gate

Although the departure gate is usually noted on your boarding pass, this does not change that often. So you do not have to panic to another gate in the end, you should definitely check yours again on the scoreboards. And even if you’re already at the gate, you should always look at the ad again. And listen to the announcements – they also give hints to gate changes.

7) Inform yourself well

It is best to inform yourself about the airport of your destination before you leave. To get to the bus or the rental car station faster, you can take screenshots of the airport map. On the net you will also find information about which transfer options are available – and which ones are the cheapest.

8) Cheap money change

Moneychains earn their money by paying out local currencies. Therefore, it is often much cheaper to use the ATM at the destination airport. Many credit cards offer a worldwide free withdrawal and some banks have partner banks where you can withdraw money for free with the debit card. Check with your bank first, it may be worth it!

9) Be fast

Many airports offer a fast track service. This allows you to bypass the security check lines for a fee. Mostly you then use the security control for crews, diplomats and status customers. This is especially worthwhile for people with fear of flying, because it reduces stress.

Tip: The airport hacks are from Delia. She’s been a flight attendant for a large airline for several years. On her blog Delia Wings , the young mother gives valuable tips on flying and traveling.

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