Alleged motion sickness: Child suffers for months under child seat

For more than a year, a boy cried on every drive – until his parents came to the root of the “motion sickness.”

For 18 months, Briton Nichola Griffiths had to cope with her two-year-old son screaming and howling non-stop during every car trip. Every tear was probably a stab in the heart of the mother – because who likes to see his child already suffering. But some car rides just can not avoid – and so the family had to come to terms with the “motion sickness” of the child. But now it came out that the problems with the car had a completely different cause – which fortunately led to no bad injury. One can not imagine how Nichola must have felt when she finally made the discovery in her car, which threw a whole new light on the supposed “motion sickness”.

Travel sickness with the child: you can do that!

It is not surprising that Nichola has not come to the real problem in her car for so long – after all, many children suffer from marked motion sickness. Especially on long distances this is extremely unpleasant – luckily you can often avert even the worst with these immediate measures.

  • Looking out the window: Motion sickness is mainly caused by the confusing signals for the body, on the one hand sitting quietly, and yet at the same time moves. Therefore, the old seaman’s knitting often helps to look at the horizon – or from the moving car into the distance. Try to direct your children’s attention to things that pass a few miles away!
  • Distracting: It also helps if the child does not think about it all the time, how bad he is – if you keep talking and distracting it, that already makes a lot of difference. Tip: The best way to make a search game in which as far away objects from the car window must be spied.
  • Chewing gum: An unbeatable instant measure! Best with the strongest possible Mint aroma – that can keep the nausea at bay!

The sad secret in the child seat

In this case, but actually motion sickness was not the cause behind the howling cramps in the car – in the video you see the real reason that guaranteed the parents of the boy has a considerable lump in his throat!

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