Apps for Kids: These are the 10 most beautiful for the journey!

Should not the children rather read a book? Not on the road – it will only be bad for them anyway. We reveal our 10 favorite children’s apps for the journey.

With this app you notice immediately: Here someone put a lot of love in it. The work of Christoph Minnameier (text / animation) and Hennes Elbert (illustration) tells the story of the forest gnome Knard, who loses his home because of a bad spell. In search of the secret, he grows beyond himself and in the end becomes the savior of the forest. While some children’s apps are cluttered and overwhelming, the story takes center stage here. A great narrative voice, lovely rhymes and animations ensure that children are deeply immersed in the fantasy adventure. There are interactive elements that do not distract too much from what is happening. A great digital picture book that loses none of its fascination even after many times. From 5 years. 2.29 euros ( iOs ), and 1.89 euros ( Android ).

“Thinkrolls 2” is a logic puzzle game that not only gives kids fun, but also sharpens their minds as they take their first steps into the world of physics. With 32 cute ball figures they move through 270 levels of increasingly complex labyrinths. In the “Water & Ton” level, they playfully learn which items are swimming (and which are not), at the “wormhole” they make a journey into space and with the “battery” they learn why it can be smart sometimes, a circuit interrupt … Until 9 years. 4,49 Euro ( iOS ) and 3,99 Euro ( Android ).

On to the treasure hunt! The award-winning app “Monkey Swag” is doubly fun because the two main characters are funny monkeys: Captain Tessa and her helmsman Bud are looking for the treasures that Pirate Silverback has hidden. The kids have to calculate, puzzle and combine in the treasure hunt. There is also a side quest where a hidden island is sought, while the children also learn a lot about geometry and directions. From 8 years. 2,99 Euro ( Android ).

The head of a monkey, the legs of a stork and the belly of the frog: mixing animals is great fun for little children. Especially if the animals are as cute illustrated as in the app “Miximal”. From 4 years. 2.99 euros ( iOS ).

Your child wants to watch cartoons all day long? Bitteschön, no problem – but then at least homemade. With these apps, it’s easy to animate templates and building blocks to tell little stories. “Drawing Cartoons 2 Pro” from 6 years, 2.29 Euro ( Android ). The nicer (and child-friendly) “Easy Stop Motion Studio” is from 4 years and costs 4.49 euros ( iOS ), the “Stop Motion Studio” is free ( Android ).

The mouse is curious and full of adventures – and your kids will be able to discover the world on their holiday trip: diving, water skiing, skating and playing games. And you can also see the most beautiful laugh and fact stories. From 4 years. Free for iOs and Android .

Sort socks? Repair the car? Watching flowers grow? Is not boring with Fiete. We certainly help the cute sailor in many mini-games to regulate his everyday life. The difficulty of this sweet app classic is not very high, so that even smaller children have a sense of achievement. Cuddly graphics, pleasant music – so beautiful are only a few children’s apps prepared. And now we have to glue back his points to a ladybird. From 4 years. The sweet Fiete original is available for 3.49 euros ( iOS ), Fiete car racing is free ( Android ).

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