Are you crazy? Men divide women into THESE categories

Are you one or the other ? When it comes to men, there are two “categories” of women. We think: This is just cheeky!

We humans like to use drawer thinking – simply because it makes everyday life easier for us. For example, instead of dealing with a human being, we stamp him as “stupid” or “arrogant”. And similar to Facebook, we may clusters our circle of acquaintances into “acquaintances”, “friends” and “close friends”. That’s exactly what men do when it comes to women. Dating experts agree: they mainly divide us into two categories.

Category 1: I just want to get them to bed

Well, sad but true. There are many women with whom men would go to bed. But only a few come into question as permanent partners. Features of this “category” woman: she is hot! If the sex is good and if it is not a catastrophic character, it can also turn into an affair.

Category 2: I want to be a partner

Yes, of course, they are the ones that “I want a relationship with you” women. They have in the eyes of men just the whole package: good looks, good character and of course that certain something. These women do not even try to get them to bed.

Is that so bad now?

Sure, at first glance, we might burst with anger. After all, nobody likes to be divided into categories – let alone superficial ones. But if we are honest with ourselves, we often apply these categories to men. Is the guy just hot or is he also a partner – or even a dad?

In the end, it is important that you do not let these intellectual clusters grow into an unchangeable bulwark. A man who at first glance seems macho-like and self-indulgent may turn out to be an intelligent, loving man at second glance. Then we like to open a drawer and layer again, right?

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