Autumn vacation: 10 sunny travel ideas for Europe

() Favorite Ideas. Herbsturlaub: Valencia LANZAROTE / SPAIN

Wind from the front

My last night – but luckily not my last on Lanzarote. As so often in my life, I could not decide: small boutique hotel on the stormy west coast or generous facility in the east? I booked both. The first days I spent in the delightful “El Hotelito del Golfo” (nine simple rooms), sat on the terrace by the small pool during the day, went on excursions, had dinner in one of the beach bars – and was actually looking forward to a couple of days at the pool bar, people , Jetty and wellness in the stylish “Hesperia” near Puerto Calero (60 Room). Again, you will find in the off season always a quiet corner. You can walk directly from the hotel on the cliffs, there is a small artificial sandy beach, and the dinner you have to worry about. For me it was a perfect match! Herbsturlaub: Niederschlesien ]," technicalTags ": ["liebe"]}], "share": "ems_ / live", "embedded": true, "noAds": false, "autoplay": false, "adb": true} "class =" video-js vjs-aspectratio - 16 x9 embedded "controls>

Verreisen mit der Schwester: Darum solltest du es tun, bevor du 30 bist!



El Hotelito del Golfo . The small hotel has sea views from almost every room, a beautiful sun terrace with pool and unbeatable value for money. Double / twin 16 Euro (El Golfo, Avenida Marítima 6, Tel. 34 / 928 / 19 35 16 , ).

Hesperia Lanzarote . Modern facility, almost alone in a small bay near the port of Puerto Calero. Wellness area, sports courses, various pools, into the sea can be reached via a long jetty. Double / twin 39 Euro (Puerto Calero, Tel . (*) / 828 / () (),

www.hesperia-lanzarote. it).


Island de heart

HARALD BROWN Herbsturlaub: Mallorca

This guy at Castle Chocolates on Tarrant Street, for example: While wrapping walnut and orange fudge, he says he was a banker and was rich and fed up. He wanted to do something real, something for the heart. Just ... fudge, ingenious caramel sweets. He fits Arundel, this Above all, Arundel is so full of rural-English coziness that my soul swells. At the antique shop in the shop of Spencer Swaffer. For scones and tea in "Cockburn's Tea Room". A pint in the "Kings Arms". In the park. This is old England. The good old one. 3395469782 STEPHAN BARTELS

© Sue Martin / Shutterstock

Herbsturlaub: Niederschlesien Herbsturlaub: Niederschlesien Herbsturlaub: Niederschlesien


West Dean College . There are also hotels in Arundel, but for a real experience you should (*. In the guest wing of the art school you live like the students and have breakfast in their cafeteria. The old walls and the West Dean Gardens are fantastic! Double / twin 25 Euro (Chichester, West Dean, Tel. (*) / 12 (*) 24 (*) (), ).


Pallant of Arundel . From Lemon Curd to Cheddar to Shortbread and Pickles: In this delicatessen there is everything we can eat and drink from England in a picturesque setting (16 High Street, ).


Beautiful as a museum

Gold! Alabaster white sculptures! Castle Sanssouci! Dutch Quarter! And now Gerhard Richter is there too: autumn light flows through the skylight of the Museum Barberini and finds itself in the sweep of the abstract "red-blue-yellow" again. Over 90 Some of the artist's never exhibited works will be presented - and now, in autumn, the exhibition is the perfect travel occasion: Brandenburg's capital is more humorous than it is in summer, because it is not hot outside, but saturated and warm, and the queues have dissolved , On a tour to hidden backyards I see enchanting half-timbered houses and I am pleased: Potsdam is a very lively museum. Herbsturlaub: Niederschlesien




Herbsturlaub: Niederschlesien



Museum Barberini . Until 21. October is the Gerhard Richter exhibition "Abstraction." (. Entry 13 Euro (Potsdam, Humboldt str. 5-6, www. ).

backyard Tou r. Discover hidden farms on Fridays for two hours. 9 Euro (meeting point: () Uhr, Tourist Information Am Luisenplatz, Luisenplatz 3, ).


dollhouse Idyll

The austrian picture of my sons comes from the "Miniatur Wunderland" in Hamburg. There, "Austria" is modeled after Hallstatt, the picture-pretty town that lies on a narrow strip of coastline between towering mountains and 26 meters deep, even in midsummer ice-cold lake, squeezes. In fact, Hallstatt is so doll-like, that crowded in the narrow streets of Asian travel groups, even a "drone ban zone" was set up, after cheeky tourists had let things fly into apartments. We make our way to Obertraun, to the quieter side of the lake, and enjoy the view of Hallstatt and the rock faces that rise steeply all the way to the shore - yes, that looks just as nice in the "Miniatur Wunderland", but there are autumn sun and spicy ones here Air is still free!


1518500249 Herbsturlaub: Aland-Inseln Herbsturlaub: Hallstatt Verreisen mit der Schwester: Darum solltest du es tun, bevor du 30 bist!


Seewirt Zaune r. Alpine-modern, good breakfast with regional products. Double / twin 10 Euro (Hallstatt, Marktplatz 26, Tel. (*) () / 61 () / 82 03, ).


Steegwirt . Award winning Wirtshausküche, z. B. chamois goulash with walnut sparrows for approx. (*) Euro. Beautifully situated on the lake, overlooking the Dachstein. Brand new, there are four pretty rooms, double / twin 39 Euro (Bad Goisern, Au (*), Tel. 00 () / 62 () / 32 ).


Giant . On the Krippenstein bizarre formations of ice are magically illuminated. Entry: 34 Euro incl. Gondola ride (Obertraun, Schönbergalm, ).


Herbsturlaub: Aland-Inseln At Spain The southeast coast is mild during the day, and in the evening you can still sit outside. Above all, we are tourists - in contrast to the crowded Barcelona - not only now outnumbered. A highlight: Where once the Túria had its riverbed, today a nine-kilometer-long park runs right through the city - perfect for cycling! It passes under bridges, past water features, trim-grounds and picnic areas. I turn off to the old town, marveling at the magnificent cathedral, try Paella and Horchata, an ice-cold milk drink made of tigernuts, in the Art Nouveau market hall, and stroll along beautiful old facades in narrow streets. Back in the park, the futuristic "City of the Arts and Sciences" welcomes me at the end of it: like the beings of a distant galaxy, the white buildings that house museums, opera and aquarium rise above turquoise-blue pools. Tomorrow I will walk along the palm-fringed promenades of the city beaches, the bikini ready in my pocket. You can swim in Valencia until November!



11369644 Herbsturlaub: Mallorca

3600 [c] 64509310 Herbsturlaub: Niederschlesien


Hotel Neptuno , Great location on the promenade of the city beach Malvarossa. Double / twin 32 Euro (Paseo Neptuno 2, Tel. () / 57 0026 22, www.hotelneptunoval .)


Cycle. Valenciabikes offers daily tours, about 3 hours () Euro. Rental only (*) Euro / day (Paseo de la Pechina , Tel. (*) / 92 12 14 (*), 11369650 ).


Cozy instead of hip

In Cieplice is just market. In front of the yellow and white plaster facades of the town houses, there are small stalls with products from the region to the right and left of the street, including lots of honey and the right beekeeping tool if you want to be active yourself. Yes, that's what hipsters do in Berlin too, but the former Bad Warmbrunn, that's the name of the place 79 Opposite: namely sympathetic unfashionable. The fact that the Polish and German aristocracy met in the Hirschberg valley for a summer holiday has been around for quite a while - im (*). and 19. Century was the area at the foot of the Giant Mountains announced. Also some locals came by linen trade to wealth and built strong. Thus, numerous castles, allegedly more than on the Loire. Especially relaxed, let yourself be explored by bike. Anyone who wants can stay in a different castle every day. Between Lomnica and Janowice you just get over on a branch line (*) kilometers. It goes here, as I said, quite comfortable.



Herbsturlaub: Niederschlesien Herbsturlaub: Niederschlesien
() * ()


Pałac Pakoszów (Castle Wernersdorf) ).


bike rides . Many hotels in the Hirschberg Valley offer rental bikes for their guests. There is a regular rental in Jelenia Góra; Touring bikes approx. (*) Euro / day (Jelenia Góra, Pension Sobiesz, ul. Młyńska 07, Tel. 01 00 / 529 () 09 34).

Mallorca / SPAIN

In silence Sometimes you have to stay in order to experience something wonderful. A family living in the shade of the old holm oak on the And then it is very quiet, up here at the monastery Nuestra Señora de Cura. I have lodged in one of the simple, beautiful rooms where monks used to live in cells. The complex is manageable: a little church, a convent for Franciscan, a souvenir girl and a modern restaurant with arcades, where I'll eat suckling pig roast later. But now I sit for a while on my box seat and enjoy the magnificent view: in the distance the bay of Palma and at my feet the city of Llucmajor. How nice that everything is so far away!


11078482 Herbsturlaub: Aland-Inseln

8838 Herbsturlaub: Mallorca


Monastery of Santuari de Cura

. On the Puig de Randa, spacious rooms and Mallorcan restaurant, eg. B. Kids (approx. (*) Euro). Double / twin 012 Euro (Puig de Randa, Tel. () / 971 / 13 (*) 09, 11369642 ).


* , is full of people, but we are almost the only ones who leave the ship on Saturday in Mariehamn. The other passengers used it as a party location and are now recovering on the way back to Stockholm, without even having looked outside. Bad luck, because Åland is pure relaxation: only (*) (*) inhabited, by bridges u nd dams connected islands of the still larger archipelago between Finland and Sweden. Infinite space, silence, and very, very much space for cycling. In between, you can visit Kastelholm Castle or Bomarsund Fortress and stop off in country cafes. If that gets too lonely, one dedicates oneself to the sights of the contemplative island capital Mariehamn. And who can not have it lonely enough? He rents his own skerry. There are more than 0048 SONJA NIEMANN


() Herbsturlaub: Hallstatt


Viking Line . The ferries operate three times a day from Stockholm to Mariehamn. Tickets from 8 Euro (465520 ).


Arkipelag . The largest hotel in the archipelago even has a nightclub - and nice rooms, all with balconies. Double / twin 42 Euro. (Mariehamn, Strandgatan (), Tel. 61 / 49 (*) 20, 10877600 ).


cold warms your heart

When the six-degree cold water hits the skin, my endorphin secretion explodes. I can only stand the waves of the North Sea for a few minutes, but the effect lasts for hours. "It definitely makes you awake," says Karin Rass - what about this 337 - Electric shock feeling like understatement sounds. The climate therapist offers on the island air bathing on the beach, and - for the daredevils - the equivalent in the wet. And most of all in the cold months. Fortunately, you can also warm up nicely on Norderney, for example in the elegant Bauhaus setting of the bathhouse, at the finest Thalasso treatments or right in the 42 degree warm fire bath. Or in the freely accessible Conversationshaus, which is as comfortable as a good English club - including a well-stocked library and leather armchairs. As you like to obey the instructions of Karin Rass, which recommends: "After the second freezing back into the warm!"


Herbsturlaub: Norderney

Herbsturlaub: Niederschlesien ).


air therapy . The naturopath Karin Rass offers strengthening with the forces of the climate on Norderney (Mühlenstraße 1a, Tel. () / (*) (*)).

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