Baby after 13 miscarriages: “The desire to have a baby was everything I lived for”

That she can hold her little daughter in her arms now is a miracle for Laura Worsley. Due to an autoimmune disease, Laura suffered 13 miscarriages. How her wish for a child could finally be fulfilled.

I lost years of my life and I just thought: If I can not have a child, I do not know what I’m supposed to live for, “says British Laura Worsely in an interview with BBC. ,

Baby after 13 miscarriages

Twice she and her husband Dave had to experience the cruel experience of a miscarriage , watching helplessly as her dream of having baby bliss burst again and again. For years, Laura and Dave suffered unimaginable suffering. Eleven of her babies lost Laura in the first trimester, two boys in the 17th and the 20th week of pregnancy. “To be honest, I do not know how I coped with it,” says Laura.

Laura is fighting for her desire to have a baby

After the third miscarriage, Laura realized: It can not be normal for her to lose children again and again. She visits specialists and specialists. Quenby, which belongs to a special research unit.

This finds out what makes Laura’s life so terribly difficult: Laura suffers from the antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), an autoimmune disease that leads to repeated miscarriages.

Doctor finally makes the diagnosis

In order to be able to fulfill the wish for a baby for Laura and her husband, Dr. Ing. Quenby and other doctors have a special therapy. The symptoms of autoimmune disease are suppressed during pregnancy.

“Our little miracle”

Laura is pregnant – and finally overjoyed mother of the little Ivy Rose. On Facebook Laura announces her big baby luck:

“Dave and I are so happy to announce the arrival of our little girl, she has a long journey to go, but she’s fine … our little miracle.”

Dave and myself are so pleased to announce the arrival of our baby girl … Ivy Rose Worsley

Posted by Laura Worsley on Friday, September 14, 2018

The girl is born premature, but bravely survives the first critical weeks as a premature baby, and today is a healthy little girl. For her parents her biggest wish of the heart has come true.

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