Baby Name Search: The 7 most common mistakes

If the offspring is on the way, the first challenge is already – to find a child’s name. The decision is not always easy. However, these mistakes should be avoided by parents when searching for a suitable name.

1. Allow yourself to be influenced

If you have decided on a name, do not let it dissuade you. The name of your own child is the most beautiful and there will always be someone who does not like the name.

2. Delete assigned names

Just because a friend has already given your child your favorite name does not mean that you have to delete him from your list. At the latest in the kindergarten the name will most probably give it several times.

3. Do not know the correct pronunciation

Those who choose an exceptional or foreign-language name should inform themselves about the correct pronunciation. For example, it would be a shame if the girl is called “Üwa” just because the parents do not know how to pronounce Yva correctly.

4. Forget that there are short forms

Even if you call your child by the full name, it must not be forgotten that friends like to give nicknames. No one wants his child annoyed at his name – so all short forms should be thought through.

5. Forgetting that a baby becomes an adult

Some names are really sweet, but would you be happy as an adult, if that’s your name? Your child later wants to be taken seriously in the professional world. One or the other cute name should perhaps be taken more for the pet.

6. Be convinced by the partner

It is important that both parents like the name. If you or your partner have a favorite name in their head and the other one does not agree, you should not try to impose this on him. Best of all, everyone creates a list of names and then compares.

7th First and last name result in a comic combination

In order that the child does not have to be annoyed about his name, first and last name should harmonize. If a funny rhyme comes out or you turn it around and suddenly an unwanted meaning, if you think about the first name again. For example, if you name “full” with last name, the son of a son might not be called “Horst”.

There are even more tips here: name search .

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