Baby Names 2019: Those were the most popular names of the year!

What were the most popular baby names 2018? The “Society for German Language” has again determined the favorites of the year: The surprise of the year is called Henry.

The name Marie or Mari took the top spot in the girls category like last year!

Second place for the girls in 2018 was Sophie and Sofie respectively.

Maria came in third with the girls.

4th place in the girl’s favorite names came Sophia or Sofia – as in 2017.

Also Emilia was very popular – the name came as in the previous year in 5th place.

Still very popular is the maiden name Emma. He came back to 6th place.

Hannah and Hanna came in seventh place with the girls – also as in 1017.

Mia came in 8th place in 2018. In 2017, the maiden name was still 9th.

The first name Anna dropped one place: from 8th place last year to 9th place.

Johanna also rose in popularity among the girls – from 11th to 10th place.

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Paul was the leader in 2018 with the boys. The first name rose from 3rd place to 1st place.

As in 2017 Alexander came in second place with the boys.

Maximilian lost in 2018 in the favor of newly baked parents: In the most popular names, the leader of 2017 reached only third place 3rd

As in 2017 Elias reached the 4th place in the name ranking.

Even the boy name Ben kept his place – he came back to 5th place.

Louis and Luis have been with the boys for some time now – the first name was 6th (last year 8th).

Leon reached 7th place as in the previous year.

Noah dropped from 6th in 2018 to 8th.

Henry and Henri could increase his popularity the most with the boys: He rose from 12th to 9th place.

Felix – the lucky one – achieved 10th place in the popularity ranking – as in 2017.

Which baby names were most popular in 2018?

Which baby names did you choose most often for Germany’s parents in 2018? Not to know so unimportant, if one expects a baby or has one in the making. You do not want your own child to be named the same as twelve others in the Kita group. Was it Ben and Anna? Or Greta and Jakob? Or were there also surprises and outliers?

Just that much in advance: The first name Henry made for a surprise – and Paul also rose in the popularity scale several places up. In the photo gallery you can see the 20 favorites of the past year!

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