Bad sign ?: That's what it means when you trick your friend in the dream

Have you ever landed in bed with another man in bed – and then woke up completely confused? That tells about your relationship.

If you have ever gone alien in the dream, then you certainly also know the facilitating feeling when you wake up and think: Thank God, all just a dream. Because usually it is not the super erotic scene with Channing Tatum , who loves you on the South Sea beach, but a misstep with remorse. Now I’ve broken everything, you still grow during the dreaming and are afraid that now everything could be out with your friend.

But what does that say about your relationship? Does an infidelity invented by the subconscious automatically mean that you are dissatisfied with your relationship? Do you no longer want your own friend strong enough? We can reassure you: If you betray your partner in a dream, the dream interpretation after that is just that you are dissatisfied with a realm of life – but this does not have to be the relationship. Job, health, family … somewhere you subconsciously (or consciously) long for something new. The infidelity stands for the breakout of old patterns – on to new shores. Incidentally, a bad conscience in a dream clearly shows that you love your friend and you do not want to lose him.

Use the dream for yourself

So go after such a dream in you and question: Is there just something in my life, with which I am dissatisfied? Is it worth it to dare something completely new? Of course, some things are not so easily revealed because they are subconscious. But those who actively listen to themselves can only win.

You come to the conclusion that you are happy the way it is? Then you should check off the dream and not hell come out to interpret something. Very important: Do not blame yourself! After all, you can not do anything for your dreams. And subconsciously cheating – that’s perfectly okay!

And what it means when your partner cheats you in the dream, you’ll learn in the video above.

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