Bad startups: bets, you laugh ?!

Well, how many bad startups have you already heard … or ready yourself? We offer 30 – including inspirations on how to react!

Sure, from our point of view, women’s appeal is quite easy: a generous dose of respect, honesty and, ideally, a pinch of charm or wit . And of course the main thing: to be authentic and show genuine interest.

But for once, we put ourselves briefly in the position of men: for many, it is primarily a high risk to address women. No wonder! Just imagine, they collected a basket – loss of face in front of the pals and completely failed. Life in the ass, you can only say that.

Therefore, we do not take it so badly, if they press us stupid sayings, although sometimes it can really annoy pretty. What in any case, most women sooner or later see in their lives: About bad pick-up lines to laugh, makes a lot more fun than getting upset about it. And at least we can think of funny answers as a counter …

21 bad start-ups – and possible reactions

1. Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to pass you by again?

Can not say I have to see far away from gaaaaaaanz …

2. I lost my keys, can I sleep with you?

Sure, in your next dream.

3. Wow, you stink! Are we going to take a shower?

Not necessary, it’s just my natural defense against idiots.

4. Actually, I’m not a guy for a night, but I would make an exception for you.

Sorry, just rely on guys with principles.

5. Are your parents terrorists? You are as sharp as a bomb!

And you do not want to know what happens when I explode.

6. Do you know yourself here? Or maybe you have a GPS? I am new here and looking for the way to your heart.

You’ll find it back there where I can not see you anymore.

7. Do you have a photo with you? I want to help Santa Claus fulfill my wish list.

For me, you look more like a person who gets a sloppy rod …

8. When God created you, he wanted to specify.

And he probably wanted to amuse others with you.

9. Did it hurt when you fell from the sky?

Not so much as the moment you opened your mouth.

10. You have to be the real reason for global warming.

Caught. But now watch out better, the slime trail under your feet is already starting to smoke.

11. Excuse me, I do not want to turn you on now, but I would not mind if you do it.

How am I to believe you if you contradict yourself?

12. Hey, you look crumpled. Should I iron over it?

Ask the one whose mother puts out the shirts.

13. Are you called sugar or why are you so cute?

Just next to it, but you do not have to know my name anyway …

14. Please tell your breasts to stop staring at my eyes.

Tell your brain it should not stay home when the rest of you have clearance.

15. Can I feel your pulse, you look so excited!

Yes, I think so, my lunch is coming up again.

16. I got my bed fresh today and your eye color goes perfectly with my bedding.

If I look at your outfit that way, you certainly can not judge that.

17. Is there any other beautiful sights besides you in this city?

No, I know that, but there are beautiful glaciers on the North Pole.

18. I have such a dry mouth! Do you have a wet tongue for me?

Not me – but maybe someone will lend you his dog ?!

19. So many turns … and me without a brake!

Do not worry, someone like you will not come to my train anyway.

20. I hope you have a good liability! You have just made a bump in my pants.

The bump on your head would make me more worried …

21. What would you like to have in bed tomorrow morning for breakfast?

Do not worry, that’s what my friend cares about.

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