Bananas instead of sports drinks during a workout

Consumption of bananas during excessive exercise has a comparable or greater anti-inflammatory effect of taking sugary beverages – often marketed as “sports”, a study published in the authoritative journal PloS one. However, as a disadvantage of bananas, the feeling of swelling that may follow their consumption is highlighted by the authors quoted by WebMD.

The survey includes 20 cycling riders and is partly funded by Dole Foods, a global banana maker. The use of carbohydrates derived from both bananas, sugar and sugar beverages has a comparable effect on reducing metabolic disturbances and inflammation after 75 km of cycling. A subsequent ex-vivo study with THP-1 monocytes showed a decrease in the expression of COX-2 mRNA and a decrease in glycolysis for the production of ATP after banana administration. Such a beneficial effect is not observed in sugar beverages.

The optimal amount of bananas for maximum effect during physical exercise should first be specified, but one thing is certain – bananas look completely fit, natural and inexpensive substitute for sports drinks.

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