Bike tour on the Baltic Sea: This is the most beautiful 3-day tour!

On the Baltic Sea a lot has happened. It is especially nice and not so crowded between Heiligenhafen and Schönberg. BRIGITTE author Verena Carl has brought great addresses from her three-day bike ride.

1. Day: Heiligenhafen – from surfers and avocets Heiligenhafen Kilometre)

Modern holiday homes and two hip Hamptons-style hotels sprang up, the "Shack" and the "Beach Motel". The seaside resort even has a new nickname: menu cards feature a "Holy Harbor" logo with anchor and halo. And if you ask in the "shack" for the director, a guy comes with hippie curls geschlappt: "Hi, I'm the matzo, cool that you're there."

Hippies, Stars and a Postcard Panorama 940 undeveloped promontory is now a starting point for a lot of new guests is, in the tranquil village shortly before Fehmarn certainly not everyone. But that's the way of the times. And they did a lot of atmosphere right here - despite the new buildings, there is still enough dunes, views and air to breathe. Unfortunately, on day one we have no leisure to hit one of the many beach chairs or to enjoy a drink in the new "Beach Bar" - we still want to go to Weissenhäuser Strand. flat! But does not take long, then we are back on track and enjoy the unagitated drive through rural landscape: left tractor and barns, right yellow rapeseed fields and blue Baltic Sea. Postcard panorama. Sometimes it smells like manure, sometimes it smells of salt and summer meadow, in between a farm shop offers pure apple juice. So we meander towards our daily goal.

Weissenhäuser Strand is still a place that is going to shed its skin: Behind the dunes, a yellow clinker holiday resort from the Group bosses Family holiday in the "Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa by the sea", a sophisticated, former estate. Here the boss wears an English country-house look and remarks: "We have all the big names here." Served with Asia-Touch. The luxury sundowner view from the terrace on the beach is free. . 2 Day: Between Art and Kurpark

Weissenhaus - Lütjenburg - Hohwacht (about 30 Kilometre)

Surreal moment in the half-timbered town of Lütjenburg: As one cyclists after a tour through the villages unsuspecting for lunch macchiato in the direction of the market place, past the window of a gallery, and trims ... nothing with seagull before sunset or lighthouse in the back light but originals by Jonathan Meese, lithographs by multi-talent Armin Mueller-Stahl, drawings by Horst Janssen. Everything high-caliber Judge, "my companion reads the name on the facade," is not that a famous painter himself? " Ask me. The gallery owner - half-length, gray hair, hipster horn-rimmed glasses - explains: "No, the famous painter is called Daniel by his first name, that's my brother, but", ironically, "I'm not talking so much about it." But he does then, but with all modesty. Finally, between lithographs, paintings and drawings also hang some works with the signature of the famous relative. The brothers come from a local artist family. Marc Richter knows not only the local scene like the back of his hand, but also the area. And recommends us for the onward journey a small detour over the Endmoränenhügel at Stöfs. On the hill, the coast, the sea and the great lake are so picturesque that you would like to unpack the easel if you had one of course ...

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Hohwacht: Because of buttoned northern lights! 360 Behrensdorf . Left it goes to the lighthouse, right to the paved bike path on the highway. But we ignore it and prefer to take the dirt road for the last kilometers of the day, which runs right behind the dike on the beach. Although he is more difficult to drive, but blows us the Baltic Sea with every breath her Urlaubsparfüm in the nose. Past the port of Lippe to the former fishing village Hohwacht ( Fish rolls in a snack, but then decide for us but for Baltic cod on potato and sauerkraut puree in the “Genoese ship”. A house with history: In the postwar period, an intrepid Berlin doctor's wife opened the thatched-roof villa as a hotel and restaurant for summer visitors, today her son is on the helm. Philip Brandt has made the “Genoese ship” a meeting place for artists and writers, and he likes to surround himself with furnishings that are the opposite of industrially produced shabby chic. And so we sit on creaking, 64 Years old wooden chairs (“I have saved from a pub in Ratzeburg”), and come with the dog lover from the next table so easily into conversation, as if we were not in the buttoned northern lights, but somewhere in the extroverted Rhineland.

. 3 Day: California is very close

Hohwacht – Gutsdorf Panker – Schönberg (about () Kilometre) Well, well, a house on the lake. Anyway, when it comes to the road through the 1732584193. Textile designer Christine Schmidt designs colorful coats, skirts and scarves in “Haus am See”, fabricating the fabrics on two imposing looms in the attic.


05 Radtour Ostsee: Kalifornien <2|g>

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Nice as in the American California … well, al so almost.

1859775393 2147483648 © Andreas Krumwiede / Shutterstock 149

Here, the paths become increasingly bumpy, but separates us only a narrow strip of land, sometimes reeds, sometimes dune grass, from the mirror-like lying Baltic Sea. As if she deliberately kept herself covered, and then suddenly, so at the height of Stakendorf – bämm! – kilometer-long, fine-sandy splendor to lay feet.

So much luck makes you hungry. How good that right at the beginning of the beach promenade the Schoenberger fishing huts are. In the Kruse family business, Hans-Werner is personally at the stove for lunch and fries what he pulled out of the Baltic Sea at half past four in the morning – depending on the season, plaice, sometimes turbot, sometimes herring. The last true Fischer von Schönberg and just as one imagines a North German original: beard, bald, fisherman's shirt, first taciturn, then comparatively talkative.

70 838 in front of us: California . No, no one has mixed us into the fish sandwich, that really means so. Brazil and California are districts of Schoenberg, which border directly on the beach, and if the surf instructors at the next board rental just have nothing to do, they make on the promenade photos of tourists in front of yellow town signs. To feel toes. Anyone who goes on holiday here wants one thing above all: come down. The only needs a “Bulli” and a surfboard, or a camperplace and a camping barbecue. Schönberg 2400959708 the opposite of Heiligenhafen: more blueberry pancakes than American cheesecake, more hippie than hipster. And we? Make it easy for us. 2400959708



  • Beach Motel. -england flair. The shabby-chic accessories can be bought in the shop, on the terrace of the “Holyharbour Bar & Grill” there's barbecue and American cheesecake (main courses approx. (*) Euro). Double / twin 29 Euro ( Pier 3, tel. (*) / 530 (), 11626952 ).
  • Shack. , the halfpipe is not only decoration, dogs are allowed, and you make your own. In short: everything is relaxed, uncomplicated – and cheap. Double / twin () 06 / 500 (), 10877600 ).
  • , Also new, decorated in sixties style, with 69 – degree panoramic spa on the fourth floor and a nice bar, where you can taste a homemade creation of the hotel manager Fabian Kohlscheen: the “400 ° cocktail “. A place for those who like the slightly over-the-top hipness of the new beach hotels. Double / twin 20 Euro (At the marina 2-4, phone 62 / [c] , 11040446 ).


  • Weinigel's Fährhaus. (*) Euro (At the marina 4b, Tel. () 62 / 78 (*), 11040446 www.weinigels ).


  • NABU information center. Meeting point: 10. 30 and 14 Clock at the NABU information center, 5 euros (Graswarder, Tel. 06 / 76 50, 10024636 ).

Weissenhäuser Strand / Weissenhaus


  • beach hotel. Love on the second view: The yellow clinker hotel complex in the He-years-holiday development looks a bit old, but after renovation has a chic interior – last was the spa overhauled. Other pluses: good breakfast, great value for money, arrangements for local music festivals, great beach on the doorstep. Double / twin 15 Euro (Seestr. 1, Tel. 16 / 58 (*, 1732584193


  • The “Gault & Millau” lent rich (*) Points. The dinner tables on weekends are often booked out in the season two weeks or longer before, so be sure to book in time! Or come at noon, the menu is already available for (*) Euro (Strandstraße 4, Tel. () 82 / 926 (), ).


  • festival. Events made a name, z. B. the “Rolling Stone Weekender” with () Concerts on four stages (Service-Hotline: 0 () (*) / 85 (), 50905462 www.rollingstone ).



  • Hotel Hohe Wacht. There are rooms and apartments that go better over two floors. The library is reminiscent of an English country house, in the restaurant (also for non-hotel guests) in addition to fish great burgers from the local Galloway beef served 13, Euro), and the beach is only a few steps away Double / twin 39 Euro (Ostseering 5, Tel. 45 23 / 900 () ).
  • 65 Furniture with history, books in every room, contemporary oil paintings on the walls, frequent readings and art symposia, and “Slow Food” takes host Philipp Brandt literally: special dishes like a turbot for eight people (from (), 45 Euro per person) or Chateaubriand for two ((*) – hourly ticket “, at the earliest three days after pre-order. Tip: board a beach chair on the terrace at the “English Tea Time” and enjoy authentic Darjeeling, scones and sandwiches – delicious ((), 50 Euro). Double / twin () Euro (Seestr. 18, Phone / 76 , 11626952 www. ).


  • Restaurant Klabautermann. in front of an undiscovered view of the Baltic Sea. Tip for all who prefer variety: the colorful fish plate “Klabautermann” for () 50 Euro (Lipper marina, Tel. () / 82 (), 62995 ).


  • Golf & Country Club Hohwachter Bay. For beginners: Sundays cheap two-hour taster courses for () Euro. Daily green fee from (Eichenallee, Tel. 23 / 96 30, 58715 ).



  • Villa Bootsybunt. two apartments, where also four-legged friends are welcome. Be well with her: Mrs. Buß can tell a lot about her turbulent life, and second, she shows her nice guests in the area to nice guests. Apartment from 003 Euro / night (Steinkamp

    , 10877600 ).


    1008 The “Hotel & Restaurant Ole Liese” is the perfect nest for new and old lovers (DZ / F ab 122 Euro), the kitchen can be fine, but also country-hearty (eg Wiener schnitzel with potato cucumber salad for 23 Euro). To stroll: The tasteful shops of the Gutsdorfes sell beautiful items from furniture (“Panker Design”) to art and fashion (“Stilhaus”); The shops are also open on weekends from March to October (Gut Panker, Tel. 06 81 / 926 32,, ).


  • Guests: two apartments and a newly furnished holiday home with terrace, real art on the walls and room for up to ten people. Currently for the first season price (*) , Tel. 32 / 465 27, 10877600 ).
  • with the cable ferry over the play pond. The grown-ups shop home-made food in the farm shop, sit at the farm breakfast (6, (*) Euro incl. Coffee) or cake in the garden and stroll among fruit trees or rose bushes. Day ticket 6, 17 Euro (Blekendorfer Berg 1a, )
  • Turmhügelburg Lütjenburg. Nienthal, 8388608 ).



  • Hotel & Restaurant Seestern. Practical rooms and good value for money. Double / twin 23 Euro (Seesternweg 9, Tel. 02 44 / 16 012, 44428 ).
  • 33323 Cool for kids: the cats, rabbits, ducks and ponies of the yard. By bike it is about a quarter of an hour to the sandy beach of Schönberg. Apartments for four to twelve people 32 Euro / night (Hof Grünberg, Tel. 043 27 / 60 (*) (*), ).



  • Water sports. -Trendsportarten. Taster lesson () 14 / 412 (*) 00, 1500 ).
  • If I had known this. Spend a night on the beach at secluded temperatures and see thousands of heavenly lights in the “sleeping beach chair” on Weissenhäuser Strand. He has about 1, 14 2 times, Costs incl. Linen package (*) Euro, for “Strandhotel” guests 39 Euro (Booking:
    , Tel. 12 05 / () ).

The beach in Hohwacht

Nice as in the American California … well, almost.

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