Birthday photos 2019: These pictures are beautiful for crying

These 20 excellent birth photos are among the most beautiful of the year – and touch us with their warmth and love.

At the birth of this rainbow baby, father, both mothers and the sibling are present. The photo was voted winner in 2019 ( ).

This baby must first be freed from his amniotic sac: “Enveloped” – the Canadian Samantha Evans has baptized her photo therefore. It came first in the category “birth details ” ( ).

The “Little Koala” was created by the Australian photographer Dania Watson ( ) –

This boy kisses his little sibling through his mother’s belly – and cries a tear. What is going on in him? ( )

Water birth at sunset – this couple at home birth radiates a great heartfeltness. The photo of the Dutch Dora Barens won a prize in the category “contractions” ( ).

At birth, not only babies but also parents are born. This dad can hardly believe his luck ( ).

This VBAC mom was evidently doubted whether she could naturally give birth after a previous caesarean section. As you can see: She could ( ).

Many helping hands bring this baby into the light of day. Canadian photographer Ashley Marston created the dynamic snapshot ( ).

The baby is already here, but the mum still needs medical help. This man worriedly looks at his wife lying on the operating table ( ).

“Hello sweet baby, we’re all here for you!”, This photo will probably say. This beautiful first family photo to five succeeded the US-American Heather Sears ( ).

The little sister is here! And must first be sniffed. The picture was taken in Uruguay ( ).

“That’s us” – now three and even more full of love ( ).

“Wake up” is the name of the photograph of the fervently yawning baby of US photographer Sarah Romero ( ).

“Needing Space” – there are also moments when you give birth where you want to be alone ( ).

The birth of this American mom had to be initiated at the 43rd week ( ).

The newborn brother sleeps exhausted in the arms of his crying sister ( ).

Pure joy triggers this newborn with family and friends. Marjolein Loppies from Curacao has succeeded in this photo ( ).

Burning the umbilical cord with a candle is a special ritual intended to solemnly separate the mother and child ( ).

Amanda Ditzel from the USA took the photo of the water birth ( ).

We are one: The image of this intimate Dutch parents won a prize in the category “contractions” ( ).

Birthday photos 2019: These pictures are excellent

Mothers screaming in pain or happiness, fathers who accompany their wives intimately at birth, sit with them in the tub or watch anxiously while the mothers are still being cared for by doctors, siblings beaming at the sight of the newborn or with emotion cry. Like every year in 2019, the award-winning birth photos are again extremely touching. After all, a birth is the most emotional moment of our lives – no matter what role we play in it. Every year, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers honors the most moving and touching images of this major emotional event. In our slideshow we show 20 winning pictures.

You want to see more? Here you can click through all the photos that won a prize in 2019:

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