Bisexual or not: How do you know if you are bi yourself?

For people who are bisexual, it is often difficult to accept and understand their potential appeal to both sexes. Click on the video to see why recognition is often so difficult.

Last December Ined published a study on bisexual people. In numbers, more women than men are bisexual. Of the 27,268 respondents, 135 women and 94 men are bisexual. It should be noted, however, that many respondents admit that they are sometimes attracted to people of the same sex, but that does not affect their sex or love life. 65% of women and 45% of men who claim to be attracted to both sexes claim to be heterosexual.

Where does bisexuality come from?

Reminder: Our sexual orientation is neither a fad nor a fad, nor is it genetic. It is much more that it is determined from birth. Some people are born with a tendency to be attracted to men, others to women, and some to both sexes. According to the Ined study, women would perceive this part of themselves at about the age of thirty, while men would live it out around the age of forty. In both cases, those affected have known this since their youth, but have had difficulty accepting what society defines as unnatural.

What does that mean exactly?

Being bisexual means ignoring the gender of the person. One has the opportunity to love man as he is, regardless of the gender he was given at birth. Even today, when homosexuality is still subject to many stereotypes, bisexuals sometimes prefer to hide and deny that part of themselves. The attraction to one or the other sex can occur alternately. Of course it is also possible to feel attracted to a man and a woman at the same time.

How do you know if you are bi?

If you are bi, you know it deeply. You know, when you are under the spell of a person – regardless of gender. The porn you look at can also determine your sexual preferences. If a heterosexual or homosexual couple has the same effect on you, you can be attracted to both sexes. Some people have preferences for a particular gender, others do not. There are no rules. Of course, one can look out of curiosity gay porn without wanting to have sex with a man. Likewise, it is also possible to have sex with a woman without being bi. You have to distinguish between curiosity and bisexuality.

How can one accept his bisexuality?

It’s easier said than done: take on your sexuality! Do not be afraid to turn your life or the lives of the people around you upside down. Because your personal development is much more important than what people think. Some deny their sexuality throughout their lives. They are not happy and in harmony with themselves. And that’s what matters in life: to be happy and live out their feelings!

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