Booty scheme: Is there anything like that?

Many of us believe that they have a loot scheme and prefer a particular type of mate choice. But is that true?

You have a weakness for men who do not seem to you good? You are set on dark-haired Wuschelköpfe with dimples? On Couch Potatoes, with which you can cuddle up in front of the television – or rather on adventurers, which allow you to test limits?

Most of us assume that they have a loot scheme – a guy or a guy they jump on, whether they like it or not: the lonely wolf, the sunny surfer boy, the do-it-yourself maker, or the creative life artist in the head is so beautiful free.

For the first time, the personality of the ex-partner was investigated

If you ask people which partners they prefer, most of them make pretty stable statements over the years. But studies have also shown that words and deeds often do not coincide – the actual partners do not deviate so seldom from this information.

Now, researchers have not only questioned people about their preferences, but compared the ex-partners of 332 people over a period of nine years (click here for the study ).

Does every human have a prey scheme?

More or less, and it depends on your own personality. The study has shown that especially extroverted and open people in the choice of partners are flexible, so rather get along without loot scheme. The reason: Extroverted people are more open to different people and have larger and more diverse networks than introverted people.

Why do many of us stand on the same type?

The “loot scheme” is only one of three explanations for this. Because there are other reasons for the similarity of your own partners: For example, that we move in situations and contexts in which we meet similar people – shopping (organic market or Aldi) sports (volleyball or jogging) or on vacation (club or Campsite).

Another explanation is that we do not prefer a certain type, but that a certain type prefers us: a person who likes to talk may have a soft spot for quiet people who listen to him well; a control freak likes people who are flexible and like to let the reins out of their hands. In other words, you are not necessarily counting controlling men because you like them well, but because they like you.

The conclusion of the scientists: All three factors come into play when choosing partners. We have a more or less powerful prey scheme, attracting certain people and going into situations where we meet a certain kind of human being.

What else influences who we fall in love with ? If you want to exchange ideas with other women, check out the BRIGITTE Community !

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