Boxspringbed Test & Vergleich 2019: The 12 best boxspring beds

You have renovated the bedroom and have also decided that all furniture will be disposed of and renewed? In such a case, in addition to a matching cabinet, a new bed is necessary. Perhaps a comfortable boxspring bed for you comes into question, which are primarily distributed in the US and can be conveniently ordered online today.

But what should you pay attention to, if you want to commit yourself to such a bed? We would like to answer all these questions in this Buying Guide , so that you can make a purchase decision much easier.

We also discuss frequently asked questions related to this type of bed and introduce you to the 12 best boxspring beds .

The best 4 boxspring beds in detailed comparison

King box spring bed with luxury 7-zone pocket spring mattress


Beds Jumbo


140 x 200 cm – 200 x 200 cm




7-zone pocket spring core


Visco Topper

Memory Foam




Many different colors, all dimensions available – also individual dimensions, desired topper of your choice
to offer
Available at 899.00 € Check price
Möbelfreude box spring bed Bea


Furniture for Friends


90 x 200 cm – 220 x 220 cm




7-zone pocket spring core


Visco Topper

Memory Foam


Textile (polypropylene)


High sleeping comfort, topper with memory effect, classic headboard
to offer
Available at 999,90 € 749,90 €
Boxspring bed piano


Aukona International


90 x 200 cm – 200 x 200 cm




7-zone pocket spring core


Visco or Gelax

Memory Foam




Over 70 different colors, Free delivery and construction, Solid quality
to offer
Available at 1050,00 € € 690.00
Atlantic Home Collection REX box spring bed


Atlantic Home Collection


140 x 200 cm – 180 x 200 cm




Bonellfederkern mattress


Pu foam

Memory Foam




Sleeping comfort as in the luxury hotel, pleasant feel, automatic air circulation and moisture regulation
to offer
Available at 749,90 € Check price
model King box spring bed with luxury 7-zone pocket spring mattress Möbelfreude box spring bed Bea Boxspring bed piano Atlantic Home Collection REX box spring bed
Beds Jumbo Furniture for Friends Aukona International Atlantic Home Collection
140 x 200 cm – 200 x 200 cm 90 x 200 cm – 220 x 220 cm 90 x 200 cm – 200 x 200 cm 140 x 200 cm – 180 x 200 cm
H2-H3 H2-H3 H2-H4 H2
7-zone pocket spring core 7-zone pocket spring core 7-zone pocket spring core Bonellfederkern mattress
Visco Topper Visco Topper Visco or Gelax Pu foam
foam Textile (polypropylene) foam Textile
Many different colors, all dimensions available – also individual dimensions, desired topper of your choice High sleeping comfort, topper with memory effect, classic headboard Over 70 different colors, Free delivery and construction, Solid quality Sleeping comfort as in the luxury hotel, pleasant feel, automatic air circulation and moisture regulation
Available at to offer to offer to offer to offer
899.00 € Check price 999,90 € 749,90 € 1050,00 € € 690.00 749,90 € Check price

More interesting product comparisons about your sleep

Mattresses pillows

1. King box spring bed with luxury 7-zone pocket spring mattress

A boxspring bed that is particularly popular with customers of the online shop Amazon comes from the brand Betten Jumbo and is available for well under 1,000 euros in the size 180 × 200 cm for you. This model offers a good sleeping comfort thanks to the 7 zone pocket spring mattress. In addition, the manufacturer also comes with a viscous topper, so that there is an optimal combination of design and functionality.

With this box spring bed you can rely on a particularly high entry level and a relaxed sleeping position. Also, the spine is well relieved, since the mattress pad provides optimal body adaptation. As a substructure, a construction made of wood is used, which offers a height of about 40 cm.

Underneath is a Bonell spring core, which ensures optimal air circulation. The same applies to the regulation of moisture.

All in all, four different colors are available for selection in this boxspring bed. On request, you can also set on artificial leather, so there are no restrictions in terms of design.

Conclusion to the King box spring bed

The King Boxspring Bed by Jumbo Betten is really great for you if you need a luxurious American style bed which is available at a good price. The construction is done very fast, so that restful nights will be guaranteed for you.

2. Furniture Joy Boxspringbed Bea

As an alternative to the already introduced boxspring bed of the brand Betten Jumbo we can recommend a model by Furniture for Friends. This is also a high-quality box spring bed that will be sent to your home with a practical visco topper .

Here you benefit from three coordinated lying elements, namely a Bonell spring mattress, a 7-zone pocket spring mattress and the already mentioned topper with the memory function, so that in principle all components are available to guarantee optimal sleeping comfort.

The fabric cover is also a high quality material used, which can also be easily cleaned. This cover fabric has been designed to be easy to care for. Since the fabric is also available in many different colors to choose from, it is easily possible that the box spring bed can be easily integrated into the general design of your bedroom.

In the pocket spring core, which is inserted directly under the topper in the box spring bed, all of the pockets are stretched out of a fabric. All pockets are then jammed in a row within a surface, so that they eventually work point elastic. This offers the advantage that the springs yield only when they are really loaded by the body.

For optimal support and a healthy sleeping climate, the manufacturer equips this box spring bed with a special Bonell spring mattress. This is a mattress made up of tight-knit feathers. Thus, you can rely on a relieving posture of the spine.

Conclusion to the furniture friends box spring bed Bea

With this solid box spring bed you make no mistake if you want to guarantee the highest sleeping and lying comfort. Thanks to the practical memory effect, the topper always retains its original position, making this model particularly well suited for side sleeper.

3. Boxspring bed piano

At a similar price to the boxspring beds already presented, the piano version of the Aukona International brand is also available on the Amazon platform. This box spring bed is also composed of a 7 zone pocket spring core, which is available for you in the hardness levels H2 to H4. A comfortable topper will of course also be sent to you after the order.

This box spring bed with the MThe name Piano is available in many different sizes. In particular, the color variations of the fabric covers can really be seen and are very comprehensive, so for every taste exactly the right version of the manufacturer Aukona International is available.

For the underframe, the brand relies on a special wooden construction, which also uses a flexible spring core. The cover of the pocket spring mattresses is of course removable and can therefore be washed comfortably. In addition to the topper, the headboard is well padded, so that a sound comfort while sleeping can be taken care of.

Conclusion to the box spring bed piano

This box spring bed from Aukona International is characterized by a high-quality workmanship, which also confirm numerous customers of the online shop Amazon, who have already committed to this model. So in terms of sleeping comfort, you can count on a significant improvement compared to your current bed, as long as it’s a commercial version.

4th Atlantic Home Collection REX Boxspring Bed

You can also expect solid quality at a good price from the Atlantic Home Collection REX Boxspring Bed . This model offers a comfortable lying height of about 52 cm and is equipped with a mattress top with a Bonellfederkern. Even with the substructure such a spring core is used, so that a solid sleeping comfort can arise. It is also worth noting that the manufacturer of this box spring bed not only supplies a matching neck pillow, but also a comfortable topper.

As the manufacturer indicates, you sleep on this box spring like on clouds. This is also confirmed by some consumers who have already extensively tested this model of the Atlantic Home brand. In the reviews of this box spring bed is to be read, among other things, that the manufacturer selects a particularly high-quality fabric , with which this model is related. A pleasant feel is therefore to be expected.

But also very interesting is the set of comfortable neck pillows, which comes with the manufacturer. These pillows are individually customizable to the bed construction, which is very convenient and ensures a comfortable resting on this model.

Of course you can also simply pull off the cover from the topper and put it into the laundry for a dry clean, so you do not have to expect any disadvantages when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

Conclusion on the box spring bed of Atlantic Home

With this box spring bed from the popular Atlantic Home collection of the same manufacturer you get a solid model, which is offered at a good price-performance ratio to order. Especially the setup is very easy and done in less than an hour for two, which is another advantage.

5th B-famous box spring Monaco

From the manufacturer B-famous , in this comparison of the best boxspring beds, we will introduce you to a few different versions, all of which are quite solid alternatives to the other brands. It starts with the box spring bed with the model name Monaco , which is available for a good 1,000 euros from Amazon.

This box spring bed, which on average is rated very positively by the customers of the shop Amazon, is available in two different color variants for you. In addition, there are only comfortable elements in this box spring bed that will make you sleep like a 5-star hotel.

One of the main advantages of this B-famous model is its sturdy base, which is made of solid wood. Thanks to this construction, the years of use of this bed can be guaranteed in practice.

Optimal circulation of the air as well as the good climate regulation is therefore guaranteed for you, if you commit yourself to this model. For this purpose, the manufacturer B-Famous sets on a special spring core construction, which is very permeable to air.

Conclusion to the B-famous box spring Monaco

With the B-famous box spring bed Monaco you are very well equipped and benefit from a real comfort bed, which could also be used in a star hotel and will ensure a good night’s sleep.

6th B-famous box spring bed Cannes

Another recommended B-famous boxspring bed is the Cannes design, which is available at a much lower price than the Monaco model and still comes with a solid quality.

On the other hand, the manufacturer uses the material polyester for the upholstery fabric, while the mattresses and the topper are made of PES. Despite the significantly lower price confirmed many buyers of this box spring bed of the shop Amazon, that the sleeping comfort reminds of beds from the star hotel and therefore can be described as extremely positive.

Very positively, the topper is rated by the Amazon customers, which is used here. This is made of cold foam and adapts very well to the body due to the memory effect, which is very practical and especially for people who strike on the side, is quite important.

Conclusion to the B-famous box spring bed Cannes

With the box spring bed with the article designation Cannes the brand BB-famous provides an even cheaper alternative, which can be seen, however, if you look closely at the manufacturing quality and the supplied accessories. Neither hard edges nor poorly padded corners and sides you have to expect this. Instead, new benchmarks are set for this surprisingly low price by accurately evaluating the padding.

7th Luxury box spring bed by WELCON

You can benefit from a high-quality boxspring bed in luxury quality with a model of the brand WELCON , which is also offered on the shopping platform Amazon for purchase and direct delivery to your home .

The WELCON luxury box spring bed is available for purchase in a total of 22 different colors. The variety of degrees of hardness is also quite comprehensive with H1, H2, H3 and H4. Please observe the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the degree of hardness, which is primarily related to body weight.

Very interesting in this luxury box spring bed by WELCON is above all the completely continuous reversing mattress, which was designed exactly so that the regular turning can be easily implemented in practice. The topper also offers a simply washable cover, so that good hygiene is ensured.

Conclusion to the luxury box spring bed of the brand WELCON

The elements of this box spring bed ensure a high level of sleeping comfort and a long service life. Only high-quality pocket springs and good foams are used, which will adapt perfectly to the body.

8th Wellness Edition 18345 Boxspring bed

A genuine boxspring bed , offered at a good price, is also available from the Wellness Edition brand. This boxspring bed, equipped with a Bondell spring core and a pocket spring core, thus offers all the prerequisites for ensuring a good quality of sleep.

The substructure is made up of this boxspring bed made of solid wood . Thus, a good longevity can be realized, which should not be underestimated in the prices. A generally good lying comfort is also ensured like in a real star hotel.

The topper uses viscose foam. It is therefore a special memory foam that will return to its original shape as soon as you get out of bed. The mattress inserted in the box spring bed is composed of 5 zones of barrel pocket spring cores, which also promise a solid comfort when sleeping.

Conclusion to the box spring bed Wellness Edition ecru

This Wellness Edition box spring bed is good value for money. Nevertheless, you should invest a little more money for a better box spring bed, as long as you expect a high quality of the fabrics and mattresses.

ninth Boxspring ROM II

The Boxspring bed from the Charlotte department store is also available in several degrees of hardness with the model name ROM II . This also applies not only to the different degrees of hardness, but also to the color options that are available from this model for you to choose from. Thus, there is the right choice for every taste.

Sleep like in a multi-award winning star hotel, where usually well-made box spring beds are often used. But you can expect this with this model as well, because the production takes place in Germany.

Even the quality topper can be selected in a hardness of your choice. Opt for cold foam or viscose as you wish, both of which have both advantages and disadvantages, which we will explain in detail below. Of course you can expect a personal consultation from the manufacturer in the run-up to an order.

Conclusion to the box spring ROM III

In the price segment of the boxspring beds up to 1.000 Euro you can expect a real top model Made in Germany, which is characterized by a very good quality and several other relevant advantages.

10th Boxspring bed with storage box Sophie

A pretty solid processed boxspring bed , which is equipped with an additional bed box and thus offers plenty of storage space, we would like to introduce you to. This is a model of the brand Aukona International , from which we have already presented you another box spring bed.

By comparison, the model Sophie bed is the slightly more expensive version, but still has a good quality.

The production takes place in Bad Oeynhausen in North Rhine-Westphalia. Because of that, you can expect a special Made in Germany quality, which is not the case with all boxspring beds from this comparison of the best models.

But when it comes to the choice of solid materials, there are hardly any complaints, given the quality for this price. So you can choose the exact degree of hardness that suits your body weight. This will give you all the prerequisites for this boxspring bed to ensure a consistently good sleep quality and solid comfort.

Conclusion to the Sophie box spring bed with bed box

If you are one of those consumers who have very little space in the bedroom and therefore need an additional bed box, you usually do not need a box spring bed. However, the Aukona International brand offers such a model, which offers some advantages and also scores with solid workmanship.

. 11 Helena box spring bed

If you’re looking for a boxspring bed that can cost up to $ 1,000, then Aukona International also offers another version really can let see. This is namely the bed with the model name Helena, which is available in many different degrees of hardness.

Just like the other box spring beds of this brand you can expect the best quality Made in Germany . This applies not only to the materials used for production and to the substructure of this bed, but also to the fabrics and mattresses used in this box spring bed.

Compared to the already introduced models of this manufacturer, of course, the design of this box spring differs. However, you can expect similar results in the quality segment. In keeping with this, it’s a good idea to check out the many different reviews that have already been read by buyers on the Amazon website who have already committed to this box-spring bed from Aukona International.

Conclusion to the Helena box spring bed

This box-spring bed by Aukona International could really be of great value for you, if you expect solid workmanship and also want to benefit from a free delivery.

12th Sun Garden Designer Boxspring Bed

Lastly, our list of the best box spring beds rounds out a model of the Sun Garden brand, which is by far the lowest price available to you. For less than 500 euros you get the variant with the dimensions 140 × 200 cm.

This is a comfortable boxspring bed equipped with an applicable bonnet spring mattress. So you can look forward to restful nights.

However, in comparison to the models of the other manufacturers, you have to expect a lower quality. Please read the specific reviews of the customers who have already decided on this model. However, if your claims are acceptable and not too high, you can take advantage of a great bargain and invest the money saved in the rest of the bedroom furniture.

Conclusion to the Sun Garden box spring bed

This bed is available for an exceptionally low price. Of course, the quality does not move at the same level as the boxspring beds of other brand manufacturers already mentioned. For all bargain hunters, however, it could still be a lucrative alternative.

Is there a boxspring test by the Stiftung Warentest?

box spring The popular consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest compares many different products at regular intervals. Of course, this is also the case with box spring beds. The last comparison was done in 2016. For this we would like to put together some information in an overview.

Stiftung Warentest Verdict In the last comparison, the Stiftung Warentest in connection with the boxspring beds was primarily concerned with a function for individualization. Such a service can pay many different providers very well. This customization process costs several thousand euros. But is this really recommended?

According to the Stiftung Warentest , the providers of these customization services promise too much. In addition, the experts of the consumer magazine indicate that many people thus get a real chemical cocktail in the bedroom. If you are interested in the detailed results from this boxspringbed test, you will find here on this page of Stiftung Warentest further details, which are very interesting.

What do other consumer magazines say about the best boxspring beds?

box spring test In addition to Stiftung Warentest, the consumer magazine Marktcheck of the TV station ARD has already dealt with box spring beds. In a detailed video contribution low-cost options from Ikea, Lidl and scooter were examined more closely. How good these models are in terms of quality, substructure and interior life, you will learn here on this ARD website.

What’s a box-spring?

This is a special type of bed that is widely used in the Americas and various Scandinavian countries, and is also known as the “American Bed” and continental bed.

box spring test This sleep system completely relinquishes a slatted frame. Instead, a spring-mounted base frame is used, which also provides a kind of basis for the bed. The actual frame is usually made of solid wood, so everything can be processed as stable as possible.

The box springs are then placed on the undercarriage, each equipped with a spring core or pocket spring core. Depending on the variant of the box spring bed, toppers are placed on the mattress. Accordingly, the boxspring bed is quite different in comparison to the classic bed types, which are very common in this country.

What are the advantages of a box spring bed?

Boxspringbett Vergleich Many consumers in this country are more likely to opt for a box spring bed. Thus, you benefit from a better comfort level, so that getting in and out of the bed can be realized much easier. Especially for older people, this represents a drastic simplification compared to standard beds. However, even normal bed types can be increased quite easily by adjusting the bed frame accordingly.

In addition, a boxspring bed also provides consistent support that stretches across the entire bed area.

Here we give you answers to the most important questions One drawback, however, is that there is no division of the mattress into multiple zones, each supporting specific parts of the body. However, these mattresses are highly recommended by consumer magazines such as Stiftung Warentest.

In addition to the boxspring beds, there are often problems with basic mattress standardization being used. These differ in fact in terms of the degree of hardness sometimes quite strong. Because of this, it is always recommended that a lengthy sample test be carried out in a specialized retailer.

Which mattress should be best selected for a box spring bed?

Wellness Edition Boxspring Now that we’ve introduced you to the basic structure of a box spring bed, we come to the heart of it Bed type, namely the mattress. Here are some things to pay attention to, which you can find in the attached overview.

Basically, it’s important to choose a mattress that suits your body and works well with your weight. An ergonomic sleeping position should always be considered. The mattress from the box spring bed should be neither too hard nor too soft. The natural S-course of the spine is recommended as an ideal position. Of course, a good cushioning should also be given.

Boxspring ROM II So to be able to find the right mattress for the box spring bed, It is also necessary that you evaluate exactly which type of sleep you are counting on. One distinguishes namely between back, belly and side sleepers. Depending on which type of sleep you own, it may be the case that you sink much deeper into individual regions of the box spring mattress. This is especially the case when you are often on the page. This is because both the upper body and the hips sink significantly more into the actual mattress. A particularly soft mattress is therefore best suited for this target group of side sleepers.

The individual degrees of hardness are specified by the manufacturers with H1 to H5. In principle, a distinction is made between the rough classification of body weight. So if you bring a maximum of 65 kg on the scales, so you should set yourself on a mattress with the degree of hardness H1. To the degree of hardness 5, ie H5, should reach consumers who have a body weight of 121 to 160 kg.

In order to guarantee the best possible sleeping comfort over a long period of time, it is imperative that the mattress be maintained accordingly. Fittingly you will find here on this page a few tips that you should pay attention to in any case.

Which underframe should be used with a boxspring bed?

As a rule, when choosing a box spring bed, you can individually decide which underframe should be installed. There are a few different variants to choose from, each of which suggests the cores of the mattresses.

  1. Pocket Springs on the Boxspring Bed
  2. Helena Boxspring bed This special guide is based on single bags which are all separated from each other. Depending on the pressure acting on the cores, the pockets then give way accordingly. The entire bed is therefore not connected. This offers an advantage, since the mattress in such a case adapts much better to the body when individual body parts sink more deeply. We advise you to this core, as long as you assume a firmer lying surface.

  3. Bonell Spring Core Box Spring
  4. In addition to the pocket spring core, the Bonell spring core is also common. The bags are all connected with each other. This is done using narrow wires. The body sinks so evenly when a certain pressure is applied. This core is particularly good for you to recommend, if you would like to have a soft lying surface.

  5. barrel spring core boxspring bed
  6. This core is a special form of pocket spring core, which we have already described in detail. This technique provides a particularly good suspension, which applies to the entire body. Depending on the resistance, this core adapts significantly more individually, which results in high strength. However, barrel spring cores are primarily used in boxspring beds that can be assigned to the higher price segment.

Topper at Boxspringbed

You should pay attention to this Most box spring beds use a so-called topper . This is an upper edition, which is distinguished by removable covers, w moose in turn can be washed comfortably. Especially if you attach great importance to the best possible hygiene, so it is advisable that you decide for a good topper. This accessory is typically from 5 cm to 10 cm thick and is another reason that the general comfort given in a good box spring bed is praised by many consumers. Fittingly, there is the topper also with different materials to buy, which we would like to introduce you closer.

  • Topper with cold foam
  • If the topper is made of cold foam, you can count on a harder material. Compared to other materials, these toppers heat up much faster, which is an important advantage.

  • Topper with latex
  • The latex material, on the other hand, is very soft, which plays a central role in a topper. So the body sinks quite heavily into the material. In particular, allergy sufferers should take a closer look at the latex accessories, as maximum hygiene can be provided, since mites have no chance of survival in these materials.

  • Topper with visco foam
  • This special material is also called memory foam. You recognize a topper with visco foam therefore very well that this back to its original shape, after you get up from bed. However, the memory foam has the central advantage that this material adapts perfectly to the body and the current sleeping position.

How do you recognize a good boxspring bed quality?

Since box spring beds are very popular in this country, many manufacturers have focused on the production of these bed types. As a result, many different models are now available, but in terms of quality sometimes very different from each other. But to make sure you do not make a bad buy, we’ve listed some important criteria that you should definitely check. This is especially recommended as buying a box spring bed is usually associated with a very high investment.

  1. Is it really a boxspring bed?
  2. This may sound very strange at first glance, but many manufacturers also offer boxspring beds that in principle have nothing to do with this bed type. It is only the popular optics. Because of this you should always check if the box spring bed is really fully equipped with a box spring.

    This is a individual substructure equipped with springs. Especially on eBay and other platforms these fake box spring beds are unfortunately very common, so that many consumers commit to these variants and ultimately have not purchased a model from this bed category, which is a great pity and a consumer disappointment equals.

  3. Is there a real quality foam on the mattress?
  4. In order to save money, many manufacturers of box spring beds often rely on cheap foam called PU foam . However, this foam has several disadvantages and offers by far not the comfort, as is the case for example with cold foam, visco or latex. In the run-up to a purchase decision, pay attention in detail to the materials from which the foam is composed and to which quality it can be assigned.

  5. What material is the base of the box spring bed?
  6. Sun Garden Designer box spring bed For a boxspring bed, that’s really the name In any case solid wood or solid wood should be used for the substructure. This is the only way to guarantee that you will not have any problems with this bed for a very long time. However, many manufacturers specializing in the production of boxspring beds often use cheap chipboard or chipboard, which has several disadvantages in terms of longevity.

  7. Does the retailer readily reveal detailed box spring bed information?
  8. If you have discovered a not very detailed offer of a box spring on the Internet, so it is always recommended that you ask the dealer or manufacturer, unless the above information is not exactly available. As a rule, the manufacturers or dealers deliberately do not provide the information in such detail in the respective offer in order to avoid queries of this kind. It is also advisable that you contact specific retailers or alternatively evaluate a box spring bed from the comparison above to avoid a bad buy!

The best care tips for the box spring bed

Care plays a central role in a bed. So to be able to ensure good hygiene in a box spring bed, it is best to observe the following Tips .

Turn the mattresses regularly . This also applies to the topper! Turning is always recommended monthly for new mattresses! However, if the mattress is already in use for an extended period of time, the turning interval should be six months.

Every 10-12 years the mattress has to be exchanged as well. For a topper, replacement after use for up to 5 years is recommended!


Boxspringbed comparison 2019: Find now your best boxspring bed




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