Bride Makeup: The 10 Worst Styling Traps

Smeared lipstick, too dark eyes – we say, what you should do without the bridal make-up and how you get the PERFECT look.

Lipstick, complexion, blush – now everything has to be perfect

All eyes on the bride! Of course everything has to be perfect now. Dress, hair, make-up . It does not matter if the bride puts on make-up or books a make-up artist, the bridal make-up has to last all day and evening!

Long Lasting products are designed to be highly pigmented and therefore cover reliably, waterproof mascara is logical anyway and the primer should be carefully applied with primer and concealer , loose powder and make-up fixing spray.

Tip: Be sure to put concealer in your handbag so you can quickly dab small bumps or redness. Blend the rouge, eye shadow and lip color harmoniously! To combine the nail polish color.

Audrey Hepburn Lookalike: Apply Eyeliner

Fairy-like, delicate and beautiful – this is what brides want to look like on their wedding day. Important for the look: a perfectly drawn eyeliner. We know, especially on such a day, he is not easy to make up – especially if you want to make up your bridal make-up yourself . But even if you have booked a make-up artist, you should consider in advance, which eyeline fits your eye shape, how thick it should be applied or what shape he should have. We tell you in our eyeliner special everything you need to know!

Highlighter for the highlight day

Sure, today the bride wants to shine. The much-vaunted glow must come from. For a radiant complexion you should grab products with shiny particles and put highlights on cheeks and under the eyebrows . Special highlighters are available as stick, in liquid texture, as powder and cream powder. With the stroking technique Strobing you get a really nice glow! If you want to apply rouge for contouring, you will find the right tips in our video.

Eye shadow? Gives the view the depth!

Where does the eyeshadow come from? That depends on the eye shape.

If you have slip riders , you should set your eye shadow differently than someone who has a round or low-lying eye.

If you want to give more depth to your eyes, put a darker tone in the eyelid crease.

To keep it as long as possible (moisture quickly accumulates in the eyelid crease and the pigments of the eyeshadow tend to settle there), you should apply a primer and dust off the eyelid crease well in advance .

In our video, we’ll tell you how eyeshadows last especially long. We’ll also show you how to make your eyes look bigger , how to make up Smokey Eyes , or how to make sexy eyes on the banana.

Foundation? The perfect foundation makes the complexion flawless

The most important in the choice of the foundation is the color. He really has to vote . Therefore, expert advice in a perfumery is definitely worth it, because there you can also try different products and see how they behave on your skin, and how high the opacity is. Then you should pay attention to the primer:

  • Anyone who knows skin blemishes or irritation, and is afraid to permanently glow red with excitement on the wedding day, should choose a foundation that is higher pigmented and reliably covers.
  • A primer ensures a longer shelf life of the product on the skin and manages to make the complexion even more even.
  • Special fixation sprays want to make the make-up durable throughout the day and can be sprayed on the finished make-up. Attention: Do not hold it too close to the face , otherwise there will be too much liquid on the face and the painted splendor risks blurring.
  • We’ll explain exactly how to find the right shade for your foundation !
  • If you need less coverage, you can also use a light liquid make-up or a CC cream. The job – whether with your fingers, a brush or a sponge / beauty blender – is a matter of taste.

Lipstick – which should it be? And how does he last the longest?

Should it be your favorite lipstick or a long-lasting classic-red? Or rather a delicate nude tone, so that the bride leaves no traces? Important is:

  • Anyone who chooses a strong color on the lips, should pay a lot of attention, so that the lips are drawn exactly in shape and the color holds long.
  • The lip skin should be as smooth as possible , so quietly exfoliate the evening before. Mix a little sugar and olive oil and gently rub the lips with it. Or massage with a toothbrush.
  • There are special transparent primers (lip primer) , so that the lipstick holds maximum.
  • Even a lip contour pencil is useful to prevent the leakage of color in the lip wrinkles.
  • Apply the lipstick once, preferably with a brush , because it can also fill in fine lip lines.
  • In general, lip gloss and matt colors last the longest.
  • Dab again between the layers with a paper towel and apply transparent powder. Then apply again carefully.

Better not: you should do without it

Logical. On the best day of your life, you want to be beautiful. We’ll show you which beauty follies you should better skip and what you can do to say “Yes” radiantly beautiful. The do’s and don’ts at the bridal make-up.

Bride Makeup Tips: Do not apply too thick

Less is more: especially on the wedding day. Not use too much make-up and no overly flashy colors, the bridal make-up should look natural and fit the type, so do not dare to experiment and definitely remember the waterproof mascara!

Tips for Bride Make-up: fairytale complexion

You want to shine on your wedding with a stunning white dress rather than white legs And of course, that’s why: Wait for sunbathing and solarium just before the daylight hours. That stresses the skin and the skin can lead to redness.A porcelain-white bridal tint is fairy tale Experiments with Selbstbräuner also careful approach, we’ll tell you what you have to consider when you to Tan from the tube attacks.

Tips f rs bridal make-up: the right lip color

Bright Red is currently very popular, like in poppy or cherry. On the slopes, not in front of the altar. Brides should rather do without it, because: Firstly, you have to be really damned smart in makeup matters in order to get the lipstick durable to fix (with loose powder). And secondly, red color on the dress, veil, on the teeth or on the cheeks of the wedding guests does not look very dressy.

Better put on soft rose or nude tones. This is much nicer and smoother to creamy white.

Bride Makeup Tips: Do not Smokey Eyes!

If you’re not planning a Twilight themed wedding , then refuses as a bride better on dark cat’s eyes. For a party (it’s always dark there!), A mysterious dark eye make-up is just the thing, but not to say yes. The contrast to the snow, cream, or champagne wedding dress would be too hard. Better to put on radiant, bright tones, for example, rose or beige gold. Chroming is definitely an issue!

bridal make-up tips: beautiful nails

That fingernails should be freshly manicured by a bride, we need at this point do not stress, right? French Nails are always beautiful, a beauty don’t: long claws or nail art.

< p> And please do not forget your feet – especially with open bridal shoes, or just when you’re dancing your closed bridal shoe while dancing late in the evening – you have to be prepared for every situation as a bride.

Permitted colors : all shades of pink, beige, transparent and solid red nuances, please do not be too gaudy.

Tips for hair styling

Especially for your hair, do not put it on the last try right before styling with the hairdresser of your confidence, because remember: On no day of your life you will be photographed as often as on the wedding And with a bit of planning, you can avoid nasty photo surprises, so that your hair will shine really well in the weeks before – if you still have enough time in the preparatory stress – once per Week a nourishing cure on the big day itself gloss spray for mirror-smooth hair helps. Here we show you the most beautiful Wedding Hairstyles .

Please do not: Herrenwinkler, also popular as Korkenzieherilöckchen

We know that these cheeky curls are still popular around the face. Nevertheless, we think: Herrenwinkler were already out in the 80s – and have not come back since then. There are so many prettier and more modern bridal hairstyles that do not bring with them the “danger of slipping”. Here we show bridal hairstyles for each type.

Bride Makeup Tips: Flowers in Hair

Have married as a flower girl – preferably on a forest meadow, barefoot. Great idea! Just remember that not all flowers are suitable for a bridal hairstyle. Wickenblüten are very charming filigree, but wilt after only an hour without water. Greater are gypsophila or orchids.

Bride Makeup Tips: Avoid Blushing

Even if it’s a winter wedding, or June’s sheep’s breakout breaks out: Do not take a hot shower , just before you slip into the dress – red alert for a nervous skin costume!

That also applies to salty food the night before – the lymphs could swell, thick eyes would be the unsightly episode (#nosushi). p>

Bride Makeup Tips: No Short Lingerie

For Down Under: Do not squeeze in too tight lingerie – that stands out If the bridal robe is not optimally lined, it is best to put on seamless lingerie – no signing, no pressing and pulling – super are also figure-shapers, then even a small belly approach does not stand out at all.

All round By the way, you’ll find the most beautiful day of your life in our special: Wedding Party

Video recommendation:

Culture: Kimono Wedding Dress Trend

Make-up with luster pigments is, of course, particularly suitable for this day. Pretty idea for a radiant look: a silver eyeliner that is pulled far outwards. This opens the eye and is a charming alternative to the classic eyeliner.

Bright colors in front of the altar are not for everyone. Anyone who wants to smooch without restraint and loves the nude look, only makes his lips completely natural. So that they are also very tender, you make on the evening before the wedding is best a lip scrub (also works with home remedies from the kitchen, such as coffee or brown sugar) and applies a honey mask on (just thickly grease honey on the lips and at least 10 Allow to act for a few minutes). Special lip boosters make your lips look fuller for a few hours. Anyone who applies a delicate rosewood tone (this lip color is available to every woman) can then put a gloss on the lip with glossless gloss or highlighting products. This makes the lips shimmer seductively.

Eyebrows play a special role. They have a huge effect on our facial expression. If you are planning larger projects, such as microblading (a delicate permanent make-up for the brows) or plucking via threading, you should plan that in good time - so that you can still correct if something went wrong. If you are satisfied with your eyebrows, you can brush them nicely on the wedding day - an eyebrow gel or colorless eyelash care is perfect for this purpose.

When the party goes up in the evening, brides can refresh their make-up - and replenish it , Made quick: Combine eyeshadow in gold and anthracite on the eyelid. Bright tones into the inner eye, the darker farther out. Important: Blend the two tones together well. This works best with an eyeshadow brush that you vibrate strongly between the colors.

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