Bulgaria vacation: round trip through an exotic world

Gold or Sunny Beach? That's the usual reaction when you say you're going to Bulgaria. The country has so much more to offer. Astrid Joosten wandered through lonely mountain worlds, climbed into old burial chambers, discovered hip towns – and ancient villages. () While the Bulgarians around him “Nazdrave!” shout, “Cheers!”, and let their plastic bottles circle with home-made, he pushes his biggest gun in my hand. She has a long wooden shaft and golden engraving on the barrel. It is afternoon, we are standing at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, and the mood is good in the forest clearing. Women in long dresses, embroidered tunics and belts with big silver buckles, hold hands and dance. Groups of men with harem pants, felt vests and bearskin-like caps drink and sing the old songs of the Heiduks, the freedom fighters at the time of Turkish rule.

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