Can I as a wife have a much younger partner?

Age difference in the relationship is an often discussed topic – but mostly the man is older than the woman. How does it look the other way around? Our current podcast topic.

“Women over 50 are too old to love them” – with this statement caused the French author Yann Moix worldwide sensation . And many ask themselves: Can a woman have a much younger partner, or does it work the other way around?

Greta Silver and editor-in-chief Doris Brückner have a clear opinion in the current episode of their podcast “Being happy is a decision”: Of course it works! Not only the French presidential couple Brigitte and Emanuel Macron is the best proof with his age difference of 25 years.

Greta Silver says firmly in the podcast interview: “Yes, older women have a right to younger men! And if this man has fallen in love with you, then it’s not like there’s a woman 20 years younger anywhere in the world, that has your abilities and qualities! “ She is sure: love knows no age limits.

What also speaks in favor of the fact that women have younger life partners and why this makes perfect sense from a biological point of view, you will now find out in the podcast episode “Older woman, younger man – but of course!”.

Here you can listen to the complete podcast episode for free:

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