Children can no longer read the clock

What time is it? This question can answer any child – or not? More and more parents and teachers report that children have problems reading the clock.

Who shot at the clock – how can it be that the kids understand nothing?

Apparently fewer and fewer children and teens can say what time it is. They just can not manage to read the clock anymore.

However, this is only true for a certain type: Analog clocks make the offspring appear more often difficulties . Teachers and parents always say that under-18s have no idea how to do it with the dial and hands.

The obvious reason: Microwave, mobile phone and bus stop indicate the time, but in digital format. And while children have no trouble reading the ad at 8:20, they get a lot of trouble when the little pointer points to the eight and the big pointer to the four.

A street experiment by US entertainer Jimmy Kimmel proves the watch weakness of the growing generation with a wink:

So are above all mobile phones and new media fault that children are overwhelmed by a clock face? Whatever the trigger – obviously the educators take the needs seriously. From England, the first schools are reported that have banned analog clocks from classrooms and replaced them with digital models.

And what about your home?

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