Civil wedding: procedure and ideas

The civil marriage makes the marriage legally valid. We have put together tips and information about the legal marriage.

Civil marriage – registration, expiry and costs

Even if you want to marry church, the first way leads to the registry office. Only by the registrar marriage becomes valid before the law. But what does it mean to get married in the civil service? When and where do you register? How does the civil marriage take place? And are there high costs on the future spouses? We get to the bottom of all these questions.

Registration at the registry office

In the run-up to the civil ceremony, you have to register the wedding with the registry office responsible for your residential district . If you do not live together, you can choose one of them. As a rule, you have to go personally to the registry office. Only in exceptional cases is a written application valid. In addition, you should make sure you sign up at the registry office at least half a year before the scheduled wedding . Only in this timeframe is the registration for the marriage valid.

Generally you can marry in every civil registry office in Germany. For example, if you want to marry in a place other than your hometown, all you have to do is register with the registry office of your current residence. The wedding can then be completed in another registry office.

During the preliminary discussion, the registrar will then clarify with you any questions about the expiration of the ceremony and the required documents . The officer discusses with you also the details of the surname. Also, you can ask him if there is a dress code , so you are dressed properly in a pretty dress or an uncomplicated blazer.

Required documents for the civil ceremony

The required documents vary from case to case. If you are a German citizen marrying for the first time , then you must present the following to the registrar:

  • a valid identity card or passport
  • a certified copy of the birth certificate
  • a certificate of residence from the registration office (this is normally only valid for the person who is not registered in the district of the selected registry office)

Do you already have children together , you need:

  • the birth certificate of the children
  • the paternity acknowledgment

If your partner is registered in another city , he needs:

  • a residence certificate of his principal place of residence

Are you divorced , you need:

  • a certified copy from the marriage register of the previous marriage with a note to the dissolution

Are you widowed , do you need:

  • the death certificate of your deceased husband

Watch out! If you or your partner has another citizenship, special cases apply. The registrar will be glad to explain you which documents you have to present in this case.

Cost of the civil ceremony

As a rule, you have to pay an amount between 50 and 100 euros for the civil wedding. However, the fees vary from state to state. If one of the partners has another citizenship, the costs are even higher. Additional fees will be charged if the wedding is scheduled for Saturday. Then you have to budget an amount between 70 and 200 euros. If you want to create a family book, you should calculate for the purchase between 15 and 70 euros. However, the family register is not required.

Expiration of the wedding ceremony in the registry office

The civil marriage usually lasts between 20 and 30 minutes . So not so long for the covenant to last forever. At the beginning, the registrar gives a small speech referring to the bride and groom.

Subsequently, aspects of the surname are addressed. The partner who wants to give his birth name is explicitly asked again. Here you could decide otherwise quickly. The bride and groom will then sign the document for naming together .

Now comes the most important part of the wedding ceremony: The registrar asks the wedding couple to stand up and asks them individually if they would like to marry the present partner. After the yes-word of the bride and groom – let’s go out now – the official explains the couple to husband and wife. The wedding couple can now exchange the rings .

Finally, the registrar reads the marriage document and asks the bridal couple to sign it. The witnesses also sign the transcript, which, however, is only a symbolic act and has not been required by law since 1998. At the end of the ceremony, the registrar says goodbye to the bridal couple and the wedding party, and the wedding celebration can begin.

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