Clitoris: 9 facts that every woman should know

Even if you think you already know everything about sex: here are 9 amazing facts about the clitoris.

Vulva, labia, perineum … clearly we know about the female anatomy. And we do not have to read the word “clitoris” in the dictionary. But we do not know much about the sensitive female sexual organ. How excitable is it really? What role does it play at the climax? The researcher and social doctor Odile Fillod has developed a 3D model of the clitoris , which is now used in French schools for the education of enlightenment.

What is all part of the clitoris?

Fillod’s model shows how the organ runs inside the body. It is quite impressive to see the entire size of the clitoris. Here we have collected the most important and surprising facts about the pleasure organ.

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Contrary to popular belief, the clitoris is not just a small pearl at the top of the convergent labia. It extends within the vagina up to the G-area.

The Hamburg sex therapist Susanna Sitari Rescio explains: "The G-spot is the area that can reach up to eight inches into the vagina, where part of the clitoris also runs, and if you feel one or two fingers in the vagina the G-area is harder than the vaginal walls, the G-area is arched and ribbed and should be stimulated best by pressure and circular motions.The whole G-area is aroused during sexual intercourse.Every pair should find out which movements Women who are not yet well acquainted with the feeling of stimulation often think they need to water, but after a while they learn to differentiate that feeling. "

The clitoris has up to 8000 nerves twice as many as the penis. And otherwise, none of our body parts has as many nerve endings as the clitoris. Therefore it is extremely sensitive.

Vaginal orgasms that are triggered by sexual intercourse are a rarity. Around a quarter of all women never come to orgasm, just under a third regularly, but not always. Too little stimulation of the clitoris - for example due to lack of friction on the pelvis of the partner - during sexual intercourse makes the excitement of the clitoris usually slowly but surely ebb.

Susanna Sitari Rescio explains how women can have an orgasm: "We women have learned that men are active and women are passive, but that is nonsense, the man is actively invading, but the woman is actively receiving and thus can significantly contribute to her Orgasm, moving the pelvis is the key to orgasm. "

How intensely the clitoris is stimulated during penetration depends on the position and the activity of the woman and has an effect on the probability of orgasm.

That's why sex therapist Susanna Sitari-Rescio advises: "In the equestrian position, the clitoris is easiest to stimulate, and as soon as it moves its pelvis back and forth, it can rub the clitoris in a targeted manner, even circling movements can help If the woman is downstairs, say in the missionary position, it is important to make sure that she gets enough contact and stimulation on the clitoris.If necessary, the woman can attract the partner's pelvis to this contact Basically, the motto is: 'Be active, move, move your pelvis!'

Is there a difference between vaginal and clitoral orgasm?

"The clitoral orgasm is very punctual, as the body remains tense during intercourse and the orgasm can not spread throughout the body, but it is usually perceived as very intense." The vaginal orgasm, on the other hand, appears larger across the country The body and the pelvis often move more, and the holistic movement spreads the orgasm to the body and makes it more intense throughout the body, "says Susanna Sitari Rescio.

"The arousal reflex is innate, the stimulation modality - how a person stimulates himself - is trained, therefore modifiable and expandable," says Susanna Sitari Rescio. "This means that everyone gets started on other touches, so the trick is to get involved in new stimuli and love new techniques, and those who have problems can be helped in a sex therapy."

If you stimulate the clitoris, it will be hard and stiff, because it is a cavernous body - just like the penis. In the normal state, the circumference is around two to three centimeters. When excited, the clitoris swells by blood flow to double. And the stimulation is not only active through sex. Just as the man's penis can swell while sleeping, the clitoris can also spontaneously erect.

Also, the clitoris can someday no longer. No matter how nice the orgasm is. Therefore, she withdraws under sensory overload under a small cap, the foreskin, back. For self-protection, to avoid pain.

It depends on the size! The distance from the outer clitoris to the vagina may vary in women and, accordingly, favor or prevent their orgasms. Women with the clitoris closer to the entrance of the vagina will be more easily orgasmed by the more intense contact with the penis.

The size of the clitoris, however, is not critical. In some women, it is a little smaller, larger in others. However, this does not affect the sensation, as both clits can be stimulated equally well.

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