Compare gas prices and save up to € 750

Natural gas is one of the most important fossil fuels. Almost half of all German households use natural gas for heating and for the treatment of hot water. In contrast to electricity , gas prices have actually fallen in recent years. If one believes the statements of experts, but now takes place a U-turn. Consumer advocates therefore recommend that you take care of a reasonably favorable new contract in a timely manner, whereby your best bet is a long term with price guarantee. Exactly this includes the gas price comparison. By gas price comparison, you can choose from the comfort of your own home among the many providers in your region. Anyone who is still in a contract with basic supply tariff, should carry out the gas price comparison immediately. It’s easy to compare gas prices today, and it’s quick. The resulting savings can make up several hundred euros per year. Even the Bundeskartellamt advises consumers to compare prices for gas, which should also be followed consistently by a change of supplier in order to maintain the pressure on gas suppliers to keep prices low.

The cradle of gas price comparison

Until 1998, the entire energy market was largely under state control. Then its liberalization was proclaimed. Unlike electricity, only a few large monopolies kept gas in their firm hands. In 2006, the Bundeskartellamt finally took the initiative and legally cleared the way for genuine competition among gas providers . Since then, a gas price comparison is feasible and useful. Today there are more than 900 gas suppliers in Germany fighting for their market shares.

Although many customers have already carried out gas price comparisons to their advantage, it has to be said that about 20 percent of all gas customers are still stuck in the expensive basic service tariff. In the German average, gas prices have fallen by around 13 percent over the past five years. If one considers only the basic supply tariffs of local gas providers, the cheapening amounts to only eight per cent. So if you have done your gas price comparison on time and changed the supplier, you could save a lot of money over the years.

Gas price comparison versus basic supply tariff

Compare gas prices: compare gas prices for free and save Section 36 (1) sentence 1 EnWG (Energy Industry Act) stipulates that every energy supply company that has the most customers within a network area plans to act as a basic provider for the region at the same time. As a primary supplier, often the local public utility, the company is then required to supply gas to any eligible household regardless of the creditworthiness of the people living in it. As a result, not all gas bills are paid. The default risk is, however, simply divided by the risk premium among all customers in the basic service tariff, which just increases the basic service tariff.

There are still many gas customers today who have never carried out a gas price comparison with regard to a cheap gas supplier. Your current gas or primary supplier will not send a letter to his customers on their own, pointing out that a new, cheaper tariff is now available or even initiating the tariff change itself. No, in this matter the customers have to be active themselves. The long-standing loyal customers are even sometimes dubbed by the gas providers themselves as “sleepers”. That’s an apt name because it slept many customers, in fact, to compare the gas prices to be in a more favorable gas tariff change. Not even a move is reason enough to compare gas prices for the new region.

What does a gas price comparison bring?

After all, the price differences between the basic service tariff and the cheapest offers rank by 40 percent. A good example of this is Schwerin, the state capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Here, the basic service tariff is € 1,960, assuming an annual consumption of 20,000 kilowatt hours, a typical value for a gas-heated single-family home. The cheapest gas offer in this region, however, is 960 euros. What do you think: Are 1.000 Euro savings per year possibly a sufficient reason to compare the gas prices.
Gas customers in the areas of Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cottbus and Jena can save up to € 800 by changing gas . Anyone who wants to remain a loyal customer at his current local primary care provider, can still save an average of 190 euros, if he just politely asks for a cheaper rate. If you have previously conducted a gas price comparison, you go into this communication with a sound negotiating position. The following table shows the average savings amounts in euros that can be realized by changing gas providers in the various federal states:

state Max. money saver
Schleswig-Holstein 200-300 €
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 200-300 €
Hamburg 200-300 €
Bremen 200-300 €
Baden-Wurttemberg 200-300 €
Lower Saxony 300-400 €
Rhineland-Westphalia 300-400 €
Rheinland-Pfalz 300-400 €
Bavaria 300-400 €
Brandenburg 400-500 €
Berlin 400-500 €
Saxony-Anhalt 400-500 €
Thuringia 400-500 €
Hesse 400-500 €
Saarland 400-500 €

It’s always worth comparing gas prices

But even those consumers who have already made a gas price comparison, then remain largely loyal to their suppliers, so it is in any case the statistics. That’s not good, because companies are not alerting their customers to having cheaper gas prices in their portfolios. In about 80 percent of all gas customers can choose between more than 50 suppliers, thus piling pressure on pricing in their favor. All you have to do is invest a little time to compare gas prices. Consumers can choose from around 950 gas suppliers through the opening of the gas market. The gas price comparison therefore leads in almost all cases to savings by 30 percent of the previous gas costs.

Is the gas price comparison also worthwhile for tenants?

The gas supply contract is concluded between the provider and the landlord, often a property management has been authorized. The costs are then distributed according to the living space to all tenants as part of the service charge settlement. But if you find that your landlord has made an overpriced rate, it is your right to complain about this, not immediately in court, but as a last resort, this step is also open to you. Your criticism must of course stand on stable feet, and that would be given with a gas price comparison. So you can always ask your landlord politely but definitely to change the gas provider.

Also, the German Tenants Association is not tired of repeatedly pointing out the obligation of the landlord to make sure that the conditions for the gas supply of a tenement house are favorable for the tenants. This is so in § 556 Abs. 3 BGB, which is about the general principle of profitability.

Gas price comparison for eco and biogas

This interesting option can also be found very quickly and specifically via the filter settings of the gas comparison calculator. In this case, the gas comparison even haunts only organic and ecotest rates, if these are possible in your residential area. It is gratifying that the “green gas” is no longer even more expensive today than conventional natural gas or a gas mix. In any case, as the gas price comparisons show, most eco-tariffs are cheaper than the basic service tariff.

The advantages of a gas price comparison in the overview

  • The gas calculator offers the possibility to conveniently find at any time from your home via smartphone, tablet or PC the currently cheapest gas rate.
  • On the basis of a gas price comparison, savings of several hundred euros per year can result.
  • Behind the gas calculator hides an extensive database, which is updated daily.
  • The gas price comparison gives a clear table, which lists all favorable gas suppliers of your region.
  • The absolutely free and non-binding gas price comparison can be repeated as often as you like, regardless of whether you just want to find out more about the gas price comparison or if you want your gas price comparison to be followed directly by a supplier change.
  • The input of personal data is not required for gas calculator. Only in the next step, when a request for gas exchange is made, a few contact details are queried, which are under warranty not passed on to third parties.
  • In the course of the gas price comparison, no supplier is over-advantaged in terms of its ranking. The criteria that you set yourself decide the order of the results.
  • Each result of the gas computer is at the same time a link, which leads directly to the application for gas changes with the new offerer.

When gas price comparison or when using the gas calculator will be forwarded by link to the application for gas change. Only then does it come to the input of personal data, which are stored on a server. The data transfer always takes place via a secure connection. The data are processed exclusively internally and never, for example, for advertising purposes, to uninvolved third parties further hacked. The data entered in the gas calculator as part of the gas price comparison is generally completely deleted immediately after the application.

What you should know in the gas price comparison – Small gas customer

natural gas

You should know that about the gas price comparison Fossil gas is produced along with oil over the course of millions of years, a slow process that never ends and continues to take place in many places under sediments. In this process, organic substances are chemically converted to more or less long organic molecular chains, sometimes with benzene rings, with the completion of oxygen, high pressure and high temperature. Subterranean deposits are found everywhere, where under so-called Antiklinalen the light, rising oil and gas mixture is held up. Natural gas has a high energy density, with the advantage that relatively little of the climate-damaging carbon dioxide is produced during combustion.


The liquefaction of the gas is a physical consequence of very high compression. The advantage here is that the gas in the pressure vessel is reduced to an extremely small volume and so can be stored and transported very easily. The best known examples of LPG are, for example, butane (C4H10) and propane (C3H8). These liquefied gases are often by-products that are produced, for example, in coking plants and in the processing of crude oil and natural gas, as well as during “cracking”. Incidentally, liquefied gas may even be used for grilling in nature and water conservation areas.


Biogas is usually produced in voluminous, round containers in the countryside. The basic material for this is biomass, ie plant residues, manure or biowaste. Fermentation produces flammable gases with deprivation of oxygen, which emit just as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when it is incinerated, as had once been deposited during the growth of the plants. Therefore, one speaks in this context of CO2 neutrality.

The calorific value of gas

The calorific value is intended to express the energy content of a fuel comparatively. It is a theoretical value that in reality can not be extracted from a fuel because it always depends on the efficiency of the incinerator. The abovementioned types of gas in principle develop the following energy densities in the physical unit: kilowatt-hours per cubic meter.

  • LPG: 28.3 – 37.2
  • Natural gas: 8.2 – 11.4
  • Biogas: approx. 5.5

Although liquefied gas has its high calorific value, it is still not a good price / performance ratio. Looking at it, natural gas is the most cost-effective option.

Consumers are losing track of so many different types of gas and rightly wondering what kind of gas is actually the price of gas. In the discussion of the gas price comparison , therefore, the focus here is on natural gas price comparison .

Consumers should be aware that there is always a mixture of natural gas and biogas flowing throughout the gas network. Of course, all consumers get the same gas from the lines locally, no matter if a neighbor might have been interested only in the price of natural gas. Those who would like to support biogas suppliers in a targeted manner and decide on a biogas tariff in the course of their gas price comparison, are thus turning to the screw that allows the biogas supplier to feed corresponding quantities of gas into the grid.

Germany imports a lot of gas from Russia, but also Norway and the Netherlands supply our country. A total of 40 percent of the natural gas consumed in Germany originates from Russia. This fact is a thorn in the side of the USA. They are aiming for global market leadership in liquefied natural gas (LNG) . In order to win large market shares from the Russian company Gazprom, new economic sanctions against Russia are being launched on the soft cover of the fight against human rights violations. This harmful “fight of the Titans” has to be paid somehow somehow. And who is easier to cup than the German consumers? In that sense, the expansion of the German biogas industry is a long-term blessing for our country.

What does the kilowatt hour have to do with the price comparison for gas?

That is a legitimate question, since gas consumption should actually be around the unit cubic meter, so the display on your home gas meter is also designed. But the natural gas consumption is billed by the utilities in the energy unit kWh. That is why your last gas billing is very helpful in gas price comparison, because it shows your gas consumption of the last year in kWh. But if no gas billing is at hand, the following rough guideline values ​​may give a good orientation.

  • Single households with approximately 30 m² of living space: 3,500 kWh
  • Two-room apartments with approx. 50 m² living space: 5,000 kWh
  • Larger apartments of 100 m² living space and more: 12,000 kWh
  • Single family homes (EFH) consume depending on living space and thermal insulation: 20,000 – 35,000 kWh

On what you should pay attention to the gas price comparison

The most important goal of a gas price comparison is certainly to buy cheap gas and thus save money. It is not surprising that many are looking for a cheap gas supplier. At this point should be noted once: Not every cheap gas supplier must really be a cheap gas supplier. What should be said? The cheap gas supplier tends to let its new customers fall into the trap of a “toggle contract” with unbeatably low prices and tempting bonuses. On the other hand, a truly affordable gas supplier impresses with an overall very good price-performance ratio that very well takes into account the interests of the customers. In addition to low prices, the low-priced gas provider also provides competent customer service on the basis of fair contract terms. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the gas price comparison to the latter. These are the main criteria when selecting a new gas supplier as part of a gas price comparison:

  • There are many supposedly cheap gas providers. But some of them significantly increase the tariff after the first heating season. For this reason you should pay attention to the gas price comparison on the granting of a price guarantee , which should last at least twelve months.
  • On the other hand, the contract period should be less than a year. This increases your flexibility with regard to another gas switch to an even cheaper gas provider.
  • In order to remain flexible, the notice period for the gas supply contract should be as short as six weeks.
  • A monthly payment method is good for the gas customer.
  • With automatic monthly renewal all involved parties save a lot of bureaucracy.

For the price comparison for gas is the very easy-to-use gas calculator available. The above criteria can be clicked directly and optionally in the course of the gas price comparison. Actually required information is only the postal code of the household to be supplied and the approximate annual consumption in kilowatt hours.

Little pitfalls in the gas price comparison

The initially considered cheap package rate should be treated with caution. In this tariff variant, the delivery of a very specific amount of gas is fixed. This means calculable security for the supplier, which he rewards with a favorable gas price. However, if you have misjudged the required amount of gas, a high surcharge will apply if more gas than the agreed amount is needed. If you are frugal and come out with less gas by the end of the year, you still have to pay the entire agreed package.

Also very critical you should be with tempting bonuses or discounts, which are shown in the gas price comparison. Often, such forms of accommodation are linked to a long-term contract. In some cases, cheap gas providers can cost up to 400 euros to win over a new customer. But the awakening comes mostly later, if you do not come out of an overpriced tariff for years.

Another option to increase the security of the provider are prepayment or bail arrangements. But this shifts the risk on the customer side. The sometimes poor payment behavior of isolated customers has certainly led utilities to worry about how to minimize payment defaults. But there are also “black sheep” on the part of the companies who have already planned their own insolvency. In such cases, it is extremely unlikely that gas customers will get their advance payments refunded.

When comparing prices for gas, the price of work plays an important role

In order to compare gas prices, the view on the labor price is of particular relevance. Like the electricity price , the gas price consists of the components of the consumption-independent basic charge and the labor or consumption price for each cubic meter of gas consumed. The basic fee will be charged for the provision of gas and related administrative expenses, including billing and gas meter reading. But there are certainly providers who do without the basic fee. But in return, most of the time the working prices are quite high. When comparing the gas providers you should pay attention. It is often better to pay a relatively high monthly fee if the working price is low.

When comparing natural gas price comparison is to pay attention to the basic fee and the working price. For example, those who consume little gas in a single household will be well advised to pay a higher labor price if the basic charge is dropped. In larger families, gas consumption is significantly higher. Here, a low labor price is important, but then the basic fee is not so significant.

Our conclusion

Consumer advocates complain that the dropping gas prices for wholesalers over the years have hardly been passed on to consumers. On the one hand, this was and is due to the fact that consumers are only very reluctant to take their chance as part of gas price comparison or gas price comparison. It is not clear to gas customers that comparing gas prices is a very effective tool that increases pressure on gas suppliers to drive customer-friendly pricing. The gas price comparison is completely free and without obligation. The savings through the price comparison for gas are considerable. The gas market and thus gas prices are subject to constant change due to the rapid economic developments. Therefore, every gas consumer is well advised to carry out the gas price comparison on a regular basis. However, the gas price comparison offers even more: For the sake of the environment, you can set the course by specifically choosing gas suppliers that offer green electricity . Thus, the gas price comparison allows the simultaneous realization of saving money and environmental protection.

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