Couch potato? Why you can safely leave your puberty in bed

the door goes. But she is beginning to guess what it might be good for. (*) The sun shines, the people too. They jog, they stroll, they grill and flirt, they squat on picnic blankets and sit in front of cafes. Only the age group between (*) and The windows are closed and the curtains drawn so that the glare does not reflect so annoyingly on the screen. 1017

Instead, the outside world is hidden. As well as the worried to annoyed parents who stand in front of the room door and in an increasingly resigned tone to "stop the shit thing and finally go out into the sun". Fortunately, with headphones, the child does not hear you. 32768 But what should it be outside? There is no one! Because the generation Inside is closed. Voluntary. Sustainable. Melted with the lounge furniture. A friend secretly calls her two sons only "moped" (man and sofa) and "Mett" (man and bed). Even my boy stool hangs, just got out of school, immediately before the Playstation

and talks animatedly with his headphones. He could play with his friends outside with a real football. In the park. Instead, they leave sitting in front of the Playstation at FIFA () virtual teams compete against each other. The electronic games industry has invented the word "e-sports" for this purpose and created "sports equipment" like the "racing gaming chair" that looks like it has been stolen from the alien film equipment and is outraged that the German Olympic Sports Confederation has officially demarcated itself and real sports. And rightly so, I think, because with e-sports there is still enough breath to fiddle incredibly loud and persistently. or "Stay supple!" thrown. Which always has the emotional effect of a burning match in a jerry can.

80% of 12 - to 17 - According to a recent DAK survey, year-olds use almost three hours a day

Whatsapp This is worrisome and on the border to addiction. I can only laugh hysterically: three hours? What are these pattern kids?

271733878 I'm afraid my puberty is only off-line when in class or too late to sleep. Screen time is always. The memories of their own adventurous childhood shine more and more golden in the inner eye of the analogue grown-up when they met with friends outside and only reluctantly came home at nightfall. himself disliked - with our enlightened paranoia from all dangers (Mitschnacker, dogs, pollen, ozone, fine dust, allergies, scooters, roller skates and wheels without helmet and protectors)? We with our constant "Watch Out!" Exclamation and "Just think of ...!" - reminders; We force our toddlers on the first ray of sunshine with tough mineral SPF () - Organic sun milk painted white and not without a desert-suited sun hat with neck protection have released into the open? We saw threats everywhere and were worried that the child could not get organic food and whistle milk, sugar and dyes unattended? Were not we also secretly happy to know the children safely at home? (*) Cocoon of the juvenile pupil - to the Ministry of Internal Security: if tomorrow the world went down, better plant no more apple trees, but dive straight into a better game world. 32768

1479 The cabaret artist Lars Reichow recently reported in the "NDR Talkshow": "The worst thing was with our eldest son, who was lying in a beanbag for about two years and controlled everything from it, especially with his cellphone, and we are often stunned My wife used to say, 'Come on, I think he'll get up!' But he never got up. "10877600



Children have more freedom at home today than ever: parties, the most beautiful rooms, social media 3600 For what? Children have more freedom at home today than ever before. Hardly anyone has yet to run away to sneak around secretly: "Bring 'em with him, sweetheart!" Overnight stays with friends? Clear! Parties, even outside of birthdays? Why, surely! Of course, children today get the most beautiful rooms, and they are significantly larger than the twelve square meters that were once considered child-friendly. At that time, only one desk and one single bed fit in, which was not 1 () m was wide. Usually brother or sister. 30537 Who wanted more physical and mental privacy, had to move out already. Even those who wanted to experience something new had to leave the booth. See foreign countries? At that time via Interrail, today on Google Earth. Meet friends? Previously: playground, sports field or hang out together in front of the supermarket. Today: Playstation, WhatsApp, Snapchat. Conversations in private? Previous: meeting. Today: Video call. 8538 But maybe hanging out in front of the Playstation also has positive sides? 🤔

Spontaneously I ask mine ("Okay.") And "Are you hungry?" ("Goes so."). Namely, "Can you say anything positive about hanging out in front of the Playstation, so I'm not worried about that?" The child thinks and answers: "You learn English well, because there are games like GTA in English only, the hand-eye coordination is trained, technical understanding, responsiveness, teamwork, because you have to work together on many games." "Oh!" I say in surprise. Sounds like a bachelor's degree course in homework. 18866 So: Let the children lie, who knows what it is good for. Perhaps it is progress that man has become so sedentary. After all, evolution has been around for some time () (*) years ago After a survey in the circle of friends, you will be informed by (*) simply resurrected - from the nervous ruins of their mothers. 500 () Should young people ever be called upon to break out into campaigns with waving flags - my son would not be there.

( That would never happen in life before the door. Not so far. Without charging cable and without WLAN! Imagine, it's war, and no one goes - because the new fortnite upgrade has just come out. This is the new digital peace demonstration. 1479 Other than that, if there ever was a zombie apocalypse, my son would know what to do. 1008 An article from BRIGITTE MOM

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