Couples recognize that there is something serious between them

Still dating or relationship? Not always so easy to recognize! Which signals, according to a study, most people rely on, we tell you here.

You get to know each other, start writing, dating and seeing each other regularly. The first kiss, the first kiss of the tongue , the first time together holding hands through the city and, of course, the first time sex (of course, each one different). And suddenly you are faced with questions like “Are we looking for two or three rooms?”, “Classic wedding or outdoor wedding ?” and “Prefer a timeless or trendy first name for our kid?”.

Huh, how could that happen? Respectively, where or what exactly was the point at which we from the dating phase into a partnership and we were clear: So, now it gets serious!

More than 4,000 people interviewed

That’s exactly what the Dating and Dating portal ” Parship ” wanted to clarify and has interviewed a good 4,000 people in an online survey. To anticipate one thing: the first sex does not seem to be very important to most …

Which, according to the Parship survey, is by far the most reliable signal for both men and women that they are stuck with somebody: their own feelings! More than 50 percent of respondents said they just feel it when things get serious. What matters most to men is when they spend their weekends with the other person as a matter of course (34 percent of respondents said), followed by the infamous parent-learning (29 percent) and saying “I love you” (28 percent) ). Interesting: This recognition criterion of a relationship that is the fourth most unequivocal for men ended up only in seventh place among the interviewed women – does that mean that women put the magical words into their mouth more frivolously …? For the women (30%) of the study, what is clearly more binding than for the men (23%) is the commitment to exclusivity – that’s because of, one (or more) agrees with his word …

All results of the Parship survey can be found in the table (percentages, 4,056 adults were interviewed).

“Suppose you have not yet decided if you’re stuck together: when do you feel in a relationship?”

Men women Ranking men Ranking women
“You just feel it” 51 54 1 1
“When I’m introduced to the parents” 29 35 3 2
“If it’s natural to spend the weekends together” 34 35 2 2
“If I get the front door key” 27 30 5 4
“If we agree or set exclusivity, no longer parallel to data” 23 30 6 4
“When I was introduced to friends” 22 28 7 6
“If I said ‘I love you'” 28 23 4 7
“When we go on holiday together” 19 19 8th 8th
“When we write or talk on a daily basis” 15 15 9 9
“After the first sex” 14 10 10 10
“If we post a common photo” 9 8th 12 11
“After the first kiss” 12 8th 11


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