Couples reveal the most blatant secrets they conceal from their partner 😳

Your darling knows everything about you? Very exemplary! But then just hang on now somewhere: what others keep their partner so secret, could possibly knock you off your socks …

Sure, ideally we share our most intimate secrets and feelings with our partner. But … where do you meet an ideal case? To be honest, most couples have secrets from each other. That the BFF knows practically all details about the partnership, we also had a wild phase and sometimes do not really come – he does not necessarily know. But all these are peanuts compared to the secrets that will follow soon.

Together with ” New York Magazine”, the online platform ” The Cut ” has asked married couples about their biggest secrets they are keeping from their partner. Make yourself ready for something …

Spouses share what crass secret they are keeping from their partner

1. Eating Disorder

“My husband does not know that I’m eating off.” If he’s out and about or not for several hours, I eat until my stomach hurts, he knows I’m in therapy, but he has no idea it’s about my eating disorder. “ (Carrie, 40, married for eight years)

2. Cost of the wedding

“I lied to my husband about the cost of our wedding – they were almost six-figure He thinks she was half the price.” (Panos, 39, married for two years)

3. Ignorance of his job

“To be honest, I have no idea what exactly my husband is actually doing in my job, anything with computers.” (Nava, 38, married for two years)

4. Secret pregnancy tests

“I’m not telling my husband how many pregnancy tests I do every month, we’ve been trying to have a baby for two years, and I can not stop testing myself all the time.” (Andrea, 33, married for 7 years)

5th period does not take so long

“I pretend to have my period a full week, so I can get around sex a bit longer.” (Alexa, 30, married for two years)

6. lost wedding ring

“I’ve lost my wedding ring, I miss it for a month and I have no plan where it is.” (Beau, 30, married for a year)

7. In love with affair

“My wife knows I had an affair, but she has no idea how much I loved the woman with whom I cheated on her.” (Anton, 43, married for five years)

8. Money set aside

“I’m stealing cash from my husband and hiding it, so I’ve had $ 1,300 together, and I’ve bought a couch.” (Laurel, 65, married for 40 years)

9. Secret mushroom consumption

“I secretly consumed mushrooms last year.” (Noah, 35, married for eight years)

10. Details about the threesome

“I refuse to tell my husband details about my threesome, I do not tell him who or when I had him except that it was before we met.” (Diana, 43, married for six years)

11. Stalking

“I control her emails, messages, and her bank account, and some days I follow her every step.” (Vincent, 60, married for 18 years)

12. disgust

“His teeth are making me sick, they are yellow and crooked.” (Jill, 39, married for eleven years)

13. Secret eBay businesses

“I buy and sell things on eBay at night while she sleeps.” (Avi, 35, married for six years)

14. Intime info blabbed

“When we met, I immediately told my mother, sister, and all my girlfriends about his big penis.” (Carolina, 55, married for 20 years)

15th Beauty Op

“At the beginning of our relationship, my husband and I looked at old photos together and he said I look so different, he asked me if my nose had an operation and I said no without hesitation, I wanted him to think ‘I was born so pretty.’ (Erica, 41, married for four years)

16. Mother-in-law revulsion

“I hate my mother-in-law.” (Jeff, 50, married for twelve years)

Phew, one wonders in part, in which skin one would like to be less like: In the secret carrier or in the ignorant. It can be assumed that, in the long run, it will probably put more strain on keeping such secrets than sharing them with the partner. On the other hand, each relationship follows its own rules … Hopefully, the secretiveness of these couples goes well!

You want to share your secrets with other women and ask for advice on whether to entrust them to your partner? Then have a look in our community ! Of course you can also get other topics about partnership, dating and personality. 😉

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