Cover the condom: That's the way it works

Covering a condom is primary schooling? Well, if you are not wrong …

Condoms definitely belong very high on the list of great inventions ! With them we can have sex, …

  • without accidentally getting pregnant,
  • without us catching diseases and
  • without knowing our sexual partner too well

It’s just stupid if you do not know how to put on a condom – because there are a lot of things to consider and even more experienced people sometimes do not make it optimal. Only so much: that condoms occasionally tear, according to experts often lies in a wrong handle

So here’s just a bit slow and step by step how to use a condom properly.

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Cover condom: step by step

  • Tear the pack on the side and take out the condom - not too rabid, otherwise the rubber can already be damaged.
  • Carefully lift the corner for the ejaculate (reservoir).
  • Put the condom on the glans like a pointed cap with the ring facing outwards, if necessary withdraw the foreskin slightly. Important: Always cover the condom when the penis is erected!
  • Press air out of the corner.
  • Unroll the condom to the root of the penis - simply push down the ring along the penis.
  • Attention! Make sure after the sex that the condom leaves the vagina together with the penis and does not get stuck. Otherwise, the residue in the condom - including sperm - but still find their way to where they should not go and you could get pregnant.

Cover condom: More tips

The right size

For a contraceptive to be secure, a condom should sit well - and usually it does so only if you choose the right size. Ideally, the man knows his condom size, because to determine it, you have to measure the circumference of the penis . This (in millimeters) divided by two gives the value listed on the pack of the condom under "nominal size".

Condom trick 17

For women, the condom is of course the most comfortable contraceptive of all. Do not swallow any hormones, do not let the gynecologist put any things in your body - just put a condom on the sweetheart and it's good. For some women even sex with a condom feels better than without it - thanks to the lubricant on the outside. Unfortunately, some men find condoms awfully uncomfortable (say). But according to experts, a simple trick helps: Before coating, two to three drops of lubricant to the inside of the condom - supposedly works wonders!

Imagination asked

Covering a condom may seem annoying to some in the heat of intercourse - but you can just as well incorporate it into your foreplay with pleasure . If you as a woman cover your sweetheart with the condom, you can do it while or before. B. massaging his testicles or stroking his penis with his fingers. For women who are especially lip-shaped, rolling with their mouths would also be conceivable.

In any case, covering the condom is exactly the same as for most life situations: trying is about studying and practice makes the master! 😘

Need more help or inspiration for the bed? No problem! With us you will find both sex positions for every occasion, as well as tips and advice for the first time and the perfect hickey .

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