Cream cheese in pregnancy: May I eat it?

Nutrition in pregnancy is a big topic for expectant mothers. What is allowed and what should be avoided? Whether you are allowed to eat cream cheese in pregnancy without worry, you will find out here.

The many prohibitions on diet during pregnancy can be quite confusing. What can you eat, what should you eat and what would you rather keep your hands on? Especially with cheese in pregnancy, there are big differences. Some varieties are questionable and can harm you and your baby. But does cream cheese also belong to the questionable cheeses?

Cream cheese in pregnancy: would you rather give it up?

With cheese in general you have to look very carefully during pregnancy . Whether you should rather give it up, depends entirely on the type of cheese. That does not mean that you have to banish cheese completely from your diet. On the contrary, cheese is quite healthy because it contains many important nutrients and lots of protein.

As a general rule: Stay away from products made from raw milk!

Cream cheese, on the other hand, is usually made from heat-treated, ie pasteurized, milk. That’s why you can enjoy cream cheese during pregnancy, but only as long as it comes out of the fridge. Cream cheese, which is offered open at the counter , may be contaminated with germs. Therefore: Prefer to abstain from open cream cheese during pregnancy.

What is the difference between raw milk cheese and cream cheese?

The term raw milk cheese is confusing for many pregnant women and many women assume that cream cheese is also one of the raw milk cheeses. However, this usually consists of pasteurized milk – that is, milk that has been preserved by heavy heating . Through this process, germs and pathogens are killed, so that products made from pasteurized milk can be consumed safely even during pregnancy . Raw milk cheese, on the other hand, is made from milk that has been heated to a maximum of 40 degrees. Many pathogens are not killed at this temperature, so it is better to completely abandon raw milk products during pregnancy.

Cheese in pregnancy, but please germ-free!

You should refrain from these cheeses among other things:

  • Parmigiano Reggiano DOP
  • Sliced ​​Gruyere cheese
  • sbrinz
  • Emmental AOC
  • Allgäu Emmentaler PDO
  • Emmental de Savoie AOP
  • Cantal
  • Salers
  • Laguiole
  • Comté
  • Gruyére

An exception is Parmesan in pregnancy . Although the Italian hard cheese is often made from raw milk, but because it has been heated slightly and must mature for a very long time , Parmesan is safe for pregnant women. For all other types of cheese please cut off the bark before consumption , as this is also a potential germ.

Danger in cheese: listeriosis

Infection with Listeria is rare in pregnant women. But if a pregnant woman gets involved, it can be fatal for the fetus. Contagion occurs mainly through the consumption of contaminated food of animal or vegetable origin, such as unwashed salad or raw milk products . Therefore prefer to switch to harmless cheese for the duration of pregnancy. When your baby is here, you can enjoy it again. Until then, cream cheese is a safe alternative.

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