“Cuddly pillows, scars, broader feet”: mothers tell them what they have left of their pregnancy

“What did you do with the pregnancies?” This question asks a mother on Twitter who has bigger feet since then. More than 600 women have answered her.

No question about having a baby turns your whole life upside down . How much a pregnancy changes a woman’s life is made clear by the responses of these mothers, who reveal on Twitter what “leftovers” they have left from the pregnancy.

The Twitter user “Juniper” has asked at the beginning: “What has remained to you from the pregnancies? Now not so temporary, but permanently.” She herself has bigger feet since then. “A huge fuss”, she thinks, she mourns for her shoes.

Soft belly, scars – but also a lot of pride

  • Once new shoes, please … The phenomenon of wider feet after pregnancy obviously know many mothers. One to two shoe sizes more are not uncommon.
  • Also of a changed sense of smell, skin and cycle problems is the speech. Some mothers have been waiting for the return of their period for a very long time after giving birth.
  • And of course a lot of mums also report Caesarean scars, stretch marks, altered breasts and their soft bellies – which is what you need when you have a baby. A mother writes ironically and affectionately: ” I now have a ‘pudding belly ‘ ‘Another reveals:” My nephew called it with his mom’ the cuddly pillow ‘🤗 “.
  • Aversion to heights and the associated dizziness also affect some women, as it is no longer even fun to watch others rocking.
  • In addition , hair is a big issue : suddenly thicker or thinner hair, gray hair or hair in places where certainly were no before, all there!
  • Some women are dealing with hives after pregnancy, while others have lost their atopic dermatitis.
  • Many mothers have been struggling with new allergies since pregnancy. One can no longer tolerate strawberries, the other rhubarb can no longer stand.

  • What really many new moms experience are much stronger emotions . Hello, waterfall! That’s enough, when the kindergarten teacher tells a sweet anecdote about the child. One mother writes: “I even cry now when I see puppy dogs” Another commented: “I cry for everything! Because of being built close to the water, with me it’s more in the water.” I AM VENICE! “

  • Some mothers also report depressive moods and depression after pregnancy, which are only slowly getting better.

One wants to become a midwife, the other will never see doctors again

  • Thought-provoking agree so some comments from women who experienced the birth as traumatic and “mental scars” have suffered. Many a woman wishes never to see a doctor again. However, a woman also reports the opposite. Her birth experience has strengthened her desire to learn the profession of midwife .

  • One of the probably most beautiful effects of a pregnancy: Some women experience since then during sex more intense orgasms . Well, have fun! 😄

It’s amazing what a pregnancy’s impact on the body and soul of a woman can be. Luckily, most mothers are less likely to see positive changes as positive, because, on the whole, there is almost always the incredible feeling of having given birth to a small person who fills their lives with happiness and love . An experience that gives many women a whole new self-confidence and pride in their own strength.

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