Dangerous myth! The truth about the hymen

Around the hymen entwine various myths and dangerous half-knowledge. What is amazing – because in truth there is no such a cuticle!

The hymen is a thin skin in the vaginal area, which tears the first time we have sex with someone, which hurts on the one hand, on the other hand bleeds and thus provides information about whether a woman or a girl was still a virgin. So far, so wrong , so problematic !

Darum sollten Frauen nicht mehr mit Männern ins Bett gehen

Hymen: That's its function

The hymen, better said (!) Hymen , is located at the entrance to the vagina immediately before the vaginal cavity. Just like As vulva, eye color, nose and fingerprint , the shape of the hymen differs from woman to woman . Until we reach puberty, the cuticle protects our vagina from pollutants and pathogens. Later, when our body produces enough estrogen, this task is done by lactic acid bacteria , so-called lactobacilli, which make the environment in our vagina too acidic for unwanted lodgers. The Hymen is from this time no longer absolutely necessary - it has fulfilled its task and can quit almost quit.

Hymen: That's how it looks

For most women, the hymen has an opening about one to two centimeters wide , through the z. B. white flow and blood can drain during the period. However, in some women (less than one percent) it is completely closed and must be treated medically, so that the secretions in the vagina do not jam. Otherwise, the hymen often has one of the following forms.

  • Ring-shaped - the opening is relatively central and is surrounded by the hymen like a ring
  • Crescent-shaped - the opening is more on the side and the hymen is clearly wider on one side than on the other
  • Sieve-shaped - the cuticle has several small openings and is therefore somewhat reminiscent of a sieve
  • Cross-shaped / septal - the hymen consists of several strands of skin that close off the vaginal entrance like a grid or cross

The latter two forms are - just like the full closure - rather rare and may cause similar problems under certain circumstances. Because no matter what shape the hymen has, in principle, if it stems our body's fluids and secretions in the vagina, it must be surgically adjusted.

Hymen, sex and the big mistake

Basically, the hymen for sex has a similar importance as the foreskin on the uncircumcised penis - it is live, but does not play a special role. Therefore, the term hymen is misleading and wrong : it suggests that the hymen is a feature of virgins, while it protects it in truth simply from infection and has nothing to do with sex and virginity.

It is true that many women (only) break down at the first sex and there is a slight bleeding (to reassure all those who still have it: that does not hurt at all!). But just as there are also women whose hymen is undamaged at their first birth and only rips when the head of their child sees the light of day. All a question of the individual Hymen form, size of its opening, elasticity of the skin - and the gentleness and / or the zeal of the sex partner ...

Hymen aka vaginal corona

For this reason, and to kill the myth about the hymen, the Swedish Association for Enlightened Sex Education (Riksförbundet För Sexuell Upplysing - RFSU) at the beginning of this millennium proposed to rename the hymen in everyday language in "vaginal corona" , so vaginal crown or vaginal ring. " Language determines how we think, " it was then said by the RFSU. "The mythical status of the hymen has been causing far too much mischief for far too long."

In some, mostly religious, cultures, women are expected to forego sex until marriage or wedding night. If they do not do that, they are considered impure. Often, then, the vaginal corona, or more precisely their ability to tear at the first sex, is misused and misused as an indicator: If there is no blood on the sheet after the wedding night, the bride is accused of cheating on her husband. The hymen is thus used as an instrument to control women in a matter of no concern to anyone - even though it does not even provide reliable information.

This cult and the glorification of female "innocence" and virginity even go so far that - even in this country! - Doctors offer a reconstruction of the Hymens and earn some money. On a website of such a medical institution, such an intervention is offered, for example, for 1,200 euros. The paradox: Fearing the absence of bloody rupture , sometimes women even opt for a medical procedure that in fact has never had sex - just to make sure that their opening is not too big or their skin is too elastic!

With this in mind, we can only hope (and, of course, through our wording to help) that the vaginal corona will repress the hymen in the near future - in our words as in our heads!

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