Dear Mom, we have to talk about your toilets …

Again and again, dads are thrown out of the changing room of shopping malls or restaurants. BRIGITTE editor Henning Hönicke would like to clarify something.

Dear mum,

we urgently need to talk. About diapers, small children and public ladies toilets.

There we dads are often visiting and yes, I can understand that this occasionally irritates women. However, when I read that in Australia now even a father was thrown out of the family changing room , because the mothers wanted to calm down there in peace, that somehow goes too far. Can we perhaps renegotiate, in which context, as a dad, you can just take a short break in your washroom?

No changing table, no chance

In a perfect world, of course, there would be easily accessible changing tables everywhere, and fortunately there’s already a lot of change ( in the US, changing tables have to be in the men’s toilets by law ). In practice, however, the majority of all public men’s toilets are available without a changing table. I do not want to enter into the discussion now, how absurdly sexist that is (but yes, what an impudence to make full diapers in this way the pure woman thing), the reality is simple: There is no table.

No room for children’s crap

And already the father’s need for improvisation is in demand. If the baby is small enough, you can sometimes wrap it on a toilet lid – but difficult, because you always have to hold it with one hand, so it does not fall down. And of course, theoretically, this is also possible on the cozy tiled floor of the washroom. However, dear moms, you do not have any idea of ​​how incredibly disgusting the floors of many men’s toilets are (though it’s easy to guess, considering that most visitors are in a hurry and pee while standing, as many are not every drop to where it lands).

Escape to the next door

And someday, when we daddy try to wrap our screaming, struggling baby in a sink, we realize how stupid it all is. That we have to torment ourselves and our child when three steps away is a comfortable, spacious wrap paradise in the ladies’ room. In some cases even soft padded and provided with wipes.

Could you blame us for eventually snatching the child, marching through your door, and wrapping it where everything is focused? We know that this is sometimes uncomfortable for you, and we can really understand that – we’re so much more embarrassed! But maybe we can just clench our teeth in this case and agree on a special regulation? Eyes closed and through, for the benefit of the children?

Equal rights? Wrapped crooked!

I’m sure thousands of children would be very grateful if they could use “your” changing table. And thousands of fathers would like to be happy, especially if they were not punished in the unpleasant situation with evil looks and comments.
If the situation really bothers you so much (and as we said, we even understand that), then do not be mad at the kid with a full diaper. Direct your anger rather on politics and society, which simply do not want to really admit that of course fathers provide their children and it simply can not do otherwise.

Therefore, dear moms: The next time a father stumbles into your washroom with a panicked look, just give him a nice nod and point to the changing table. And then secretly rejoice that his child, who has been shot down over his back, does not belong to you.

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