Demisexual: How to tell if you are in the sexual gray area

Hetero, bi, homo, a, metro, pan – you’ve probably heard it all in connection with sexuality. And demisexual? * Fancy sex . We do not know that there is one “right” or “normal” sexual orientation that applies to all people (hopefully) all.

But what demisexuality is, many do not know – which probably means that a lot of people are demi without being aware of it , High time so, finally more about the

gray areas of sexuality , the so-called “gray-a”. Because being unable to sexually assert yourself is a dangerously good breeding ground for insecurity and self-doubt …

What does demisexual mean?


The term demisexuality denotes a form of sexuality , in which people experience sexual pleasure and physical attraction exclusively in the context of an emotional bond. Means: Without feeling, no sex – at least no lustful, fun and satisfying.

But not only that: Demisexuelle people have much like asexuals no general interest in sex or sex partners. Find someone hot? cyber-sex ? One Night Stands? For people who are demisexual, absolutely outrageous! Sleeping with somebody or even just having Meaning, if you have a deep relationship to this person.

Why are humans demisexual?

Why are people hetero, homo or asexual? It’s just you ! As far as we know, nobody can easily choose who sexually turns him on and what makes him orgasm in bed (of course, when we 219 have orgasm problems , can already try a lot).

At Demis, it is believed that the so-called primary sexual attraction, the external characteristics such as appearance, smell, charisma and personality on us, for whatever reason not works on them. However, they are just as susceptible to the secondary attraction as all others . One speaks of it when – usually in the context of a romantic relationship – feelings such as trust, longing, respect, friendship or Love People who, for example, on principle want to sleep outside of relationships with anyone. But only outwardly …

How do we recognize demisexuality?

You probably already guessed it: We can not see demisexuality at first glance – just like that little like homosexuality, bisexuality, asexuality or any other sexual orientation. And that’s just as well! After all, the sexuality and sexual inclinations of other people basically do not matter to us – keyword private matter.

If it is about it, demisexuality to recognize ourselves , would be a orientation help quite nice , Because just like other people (often not heterosexual people in particular), demisexuals sometimes struggle to locate themselves in the broad spectrum of sexuality. Here are five signs that can be evidence of demisexuality (emphasis is on!).

5 signs that you are demisexual

1. If you fall in love, you want to get to know him better – but you do not think about sex and smooching for a long time.

Sure to meet someone, fall in love, 04 feel and have the pink glasses on you know well. But ideas of you when the first 940 Did you never have in the initial phase of a relationship!

. 2 You do not understand flirting, and even the thought of dating makes you nervous. people only find flirting with others or

Blind Date a list of superficial 04 to work off? It never was your thing. It makes it all the more exciting for you when you realize, for example, that your partner understands you, feels the same as you or says words that really have a meaning.

. 3 You do not know exactly if you are more into men or women. Penis? Breasts? Hmm! By itself, you can not do much with either one or the other. But if there is an emotional attachment, you would not exclude anyone – neither man nor woman.

2223. 4 You’re reluctant to talk about sex because you feel like you have to pretend 80 Most demisexuals have a hard time talking to friends or acquaintances about lust and sexuality. No wonder! When others swarm with hotter stars, you have nothing to report. People are just starting to do gymnastics when they touch you emotionally.

. 5 You can not do much with pornography get more, but watching porn makes you more restless. Not because of any prude reservations, but simply because there’s nothing in you.


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() (* ? Also not an issue! But () you could still try it anyway. Maybe you are just in a gray area where your spiritual side has to be stimulated first, so that you feel something sexually. But even if you are asexual: 10 You can still find true love . And 12 goes anyway without sex.

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