Desire to have children: Does oral sex help prevent miscarriage?

The causes of miscarriages are manifold, sometimes they are hidden. However, researchers agree that the woman’s immune system could play a role. What helps? According to a new study oral sex …

Researchers at the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands have discussed the relationship between oral sex and miscarriage in a new study . Two groups of women (under 36) were questioned about their sexual life. The subjects included 137 women who have never had a miscarriage and 97 women who repeatedly had a miscarriage (with the same partner).

By this, physicians understand three or more consecutive miscarriages before the 20th week of pregnancy. In many cases, followed by a successful pregnancy. But why did you have a miscarriage before, if it worked the fourth or fifth time? Doctors do not (yet) have a proven explanation for this. But a guess ready.

Does cum swallowing help with implantation?

The Dutch study was mainly about the issue of oral sex in the partnership. The result: while 72.9 percent of women without a miscarriage committed oral sex practiced, it was in the women of the other group, only 56.9 percent.

Is this a clear indication that oral sex protects against miscarriages? Not necessarily. Unless the researchers are right in their assumption that the woman’s immune system plays a key role in a miscarriage and the oral intake of semen acts as a kind of hyposensitization . The immune system of those women who are not used to sperm feel the ejaculate as a foreign body and repel it. It could come to a miscarriage.

Immune system identifies sperm as a foreign body

The assumption of the Dutch researchers: The female body has to get used to the sperm first, until he allows a fertilization. And this works better in the oral intake of sperm than by the vaginal, as the affected antigens can be more effectively absorbed through the intestine.

Put simply, swallowing sperm could help to prevent miscarriages. However, the study result has yet to be verified by other scientists. Finally, only a total of 234 women participated in the present study. Moreover, the study is based only on women’s self-reports, and sheds light on a tiny aspect of sexual habits.

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