Diana June: “Hope saved my life after the death of my child”

In desperation, she shared all her grief with her community on Instagram. How she survived the loss of her child and how she is doing today, tells Diana June here in conversation with BRIGITTE.de – Part 11 our .

The 5th of December 898 was the most beautiful lucky day for Diana June (()). For months the well-known influencer

. She could not wait to hold her little son in her arms. “He was such a pretty, sweet baby,” recalls Diana June. I see his beautiful blue eyes in front of me every day [c-16] But her great joy lasted only a short time

Your baby died two days after his birth The little boy was sweating heavily and breathing heavily. On the second day, brown spots would have appeared on his legs. Concerned, the young parents repeatedly asked the doctors and nurses for help. But nobody has realized the seriousness of the situation. The baby was seriously ill. The autopsy showed: 30537 The child hardly died It was the 7th of December 852.

Diana June reports: *) Minutes before his death, one sister had told us that we were totally exaggerate and prefer to focus on beautiful baby things. 16 minutes later it said ' Come on fast, he is dying right now, say goodbye

“What if they had responded to our requests?” She and her friend felt completely abandoned by the medical staff: dead child in their arms and they were just trying to scrounge us off very quickly. something happened unfortunately and we can pick up the body on Monday for a funeral. ” The desperate parents, according to Diana June, then called the police. The officers contacted the criminal police and then the medical examination had arrived.

then you could have said: you have done everything so the question always remains: what if they had responded to our requests? “

In her great despair, Diana June revealed her terrible loss on Instagram.

11632316 20170907 021: 22 a week ago you were born. Our biggest treasure. We've been waiting so hard for you to have the best life, full of love. Our hearts are broken forever. I wish I could have tortured you in the end, I saw it, all of us, and will never forget your suffering. I would rather have died in your place, how can we live on without you? Why did nobody believe us, no one heard us. Why would we be ridiculed, we fought so much that someone does something, all the time. You write me so many messages that similar situations have happened to you. But that should not be so, why is a human life worth so little? The sisters and doctors still smiled at us as overprotective parents and at the end we screamed they do something. He was tormented and his tender heart could not stand it anymore. Why were all so dull? He had such pain, his eyes twisted and his toes twisted. It's a collection of thousands of things and then this catastrophe. Why did the sisters have never worn gloves when they treated our baby, we were all there when he had wet hair all the time and breathed hard, why was it said we were exaggerating? On the 7th and he was fighting for his life, but it was said again the baby is still very healthy, what more do you want? Now they all live on and we, our lives are destroyed, we just do not wake up from this nightmare.

271733878 A post shared by 20170907 DIANA JUNE 💜 mommy to be 🤰🏽 (@ di.anajune) on

did not want to live anymore <8|128}for(u.push(c);14!=u.length%16;)u.push(0);u.push(f> How can life go on after such a stroke of fate? Since then that's the question that determines Diana's life. In the first time after the death of her child, she sank in her 1732584193 sadness . There were periods in which Diana June did not want to live anymore: ” I thought, in this world I do not want to live, when people are like that, At such an important moment, when you give up all your hope and trust, such as to the medics to whom we have entrusted our child, our greatest treasure, you abandon yourself and so coldly deal with them. ” Deepest sadness and utter desperation, it was her family, her friends and the people of her Instagram community who caught Diana June. “

We did not know where to go with us. It was anything but that moment. Mourning unites and we have noticed that very much. out of the mire of mourning with all my might. to give something back with positive energy and advice about my bereavement and desire to have children and to be a mouthpiece for other women ” She candidly reports on Instagram and in her YouTube videos about her ways of bereavement and for thousands of other people who have lost a child or other loved ones. To give hope and to speak for those who have lost loved ones becomes their new purpose in life. were like my diary and this then became a platform of hope for many other women. there is no secret recipe for proper grief, everyone has to find their own way, but this is one of my most important survival tips: If anything bad happens – be open, allow people, talk about it, not permanently isolate yourself. I did that, too, but I had people around me who pulled me out of it, so if you know someone who is doing something bad, be there for these people, be a little behind, even if they do not want to I also did not want to, and today I am very grateful that my family ie and friends got me out of it. “ Even with a classic psychotherapy, Diana June and her partner tried to cope with their grief. But that was not for us, we actually found more power in communicating with other people, or maybe it was not the right person to feel cared for, so I looked for alternative ways, and it certainly does for many people well, it has helped me more to talk to like-minded people and work on me every day. ”

The key word for my path of healing is gratitude.

Strengthen beliefs and shared them with their community. ” I have developed a very special prayer ritual for me. ” She sought contact with spiritual people and shared with them ways of spiritual healing. But the daily work with myself helped me get out of it. * I practiced daily before: to produce content, texts z u write and communicate with the community. “

Thus, a few months after the death of her child, Diana June began to produce images and videos for her social platforms and to tell stories of her life in her videos and her pictures. “It helped a lot to get me back to my daily routine, which I can only recommend

the grief overwhelms you, trying to do things you've done before. Watch series or take photos of whatever is important to you, try, for example, watching a lot of series to fall asleep or listening to an audiobook so you exchange those crushing thoughts for positive and quiet thoughts. ”

All good luck: Diana June is pregnant again

Desire for a new baby “I always wanted to be a mother,” she says. “However, I used to focus more on my career and thought that if I had children, then maybe one day.

Now that I have looked into my child's eyes and felt this magic, everything is different. Nothing compares to anything Nothing is as valuable as your own child When I saw my son, it was a very different sphere That we wanted so much, especially when we saw him – and then we have him like that we lost our parenting role, and it's probably even crazier for a woman, since the body is set on having a baby now, and it was not easy to come to grips with it Family with lots of healthy children. ”

( Despite having a trauma, our desire to have children was even greater, everyone reacts differently after experiencing something terrible, and the hope of having more children has given me back the meaning of life. “



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2147483648 Taken time until we are ready to share it with everyone. I want to thank you all for your support and your love, for you have caught us in the dark hours of grief and helplessness. If you do not feel well or grieve then be sure the light exists at the end of the tunnel. I sincerely hope that I can convey to you this hope and courage as you have encouraged us all the time. I am very grateful for all your love and wholeheartedly express yours, your Diana, David & Family #Generally strong #pregnancyannouncement # Pregnancy # Pregnant __________________________ Pic by @vadimphotography #Pregnancy Shooting #mamablogger_en #mamablogger #mamaleben #mamasein #mamablog #baldmama #kiwu #kiwumädels #mamaleben #kinderwunsch #babybump #babybum #hibbeln #hebbeltanten #liebeimbauch #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantstyle #babybauch #babybauchshooting #mommytobe #momlife #momtobe #dickbauchdienstag #dickbauch 3897 A post shared by 271733878 DIANA JUNE 💜 mommy to be 🤰🏽 (@ di.anajune) on Sep 00, 851 at 9: (*) at the PDT 271733878

“You caught us” 94you ha Captures us in the dark hours of grief and helplessness If you do not feel well or grieve then be sure the light exists at the end of the tunnel. I sincerely hope that I can convey this hope and courage to you as you have encouraged us all the time. “

“I will never forget my son”

Talking about new topics and the desire to have children does not mean that there is no grief left in me. I had a strong wish for children after the tragedy, but that does not mean that I could ever replace it. I think about my son every day and I'll never forget him. Soon he would be 1 year old. him.

That's why I dedicate everything I do to my son. But I also try to be strong for myself and my second child. That's why I look forward with hope and gratitude and focus on the future.

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. “When I chose my midwife, I was very careful to have someone at my side who was totally behind his job, it was very important to me that this person is there for me during the important moments and takes time for me. In my first pregnancy, I had a midwife who was so hectic and barely had time to spare, and I was very unhappy with her, and she did not make the promised regression with me. [a] Midwives are so important for a safe birth. It's a disaster, sometimes informed how bad midwives are paid and what horrendous sums insured they have to pay, that's amazing and should definitely be changed! “

“She helped me a lot psychologically What's really important when choosing a midwife “.

Of course Diana June is sometimes scared. But she has specifically trained to push the fear aside and focus instead on positive thoughts To relax, she makes pregnancy yoga and reads many books on positive energy, human nature, childbirth, childbed and parenting. “The more you know, the better you are equipped, you can not hedge anything, I've learned that, but at least you can find more confidence in yourself and your body.” Whether it's a home birth this time, a birthplace or even a hospital, she still wants to keep it to herself. But it is certain even now that before daughters another very nice moment is waiting for Diana June. Because soon 32768 .

We wish you from the heart all the best for their future together and look forward to the two continue on Instagram YouTube and Facebook

You can also find more information about Diana June on her website 1010 dianajune.com .

Also check our 271733878 Instagram channel Learn more about our Powerwomen!

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