Divorced man tells: I would have liked this advice BEFORE my wedding

After 16 years of marriage, he has lost the woman he loved and wants to protect others from it. That’s why this man tells in a Facebook post what advice he would have wished BEFORE his marriage.

Obviously he is not a relationship expert, Gerald Rogers begins his Facebook post , after all, he has lost his beloved wife by divorce after 16 years of marriage. But during the separation many things had become clear to him. That’s why I want to give you the advice that I wanted so much BEFORE my marriage … ” While the advice for men is written, in fact most of the advice is one that anyone can take to heart who is wishes to keep a love alive.

He hopes to help those young husbands, whose hearts are still full of hope, and those couples who have forgotten how to love. The truth is, I HAVE LOVED being married, and in time I will remarry, and when the time comes, I will build a base that can defy every storm and all time.”

These are – slightly shortened – his advice for all men who want to be the BEST PARTNER for their wife.

There is no bigger challenge, but no bigger win either. Your wife deserves to be loved so much.

  1. NEVER take your wife for granted. Never stop to date them. When you asked her if she wanted to marry you, you promised to be the man to protect her heart. This is the holiest treasure that will ever be entrusted to you. Never become comfortable in love.
  2. Protect your heart too. As you have promised to protect yours, you must also pay attention to yours. Love yourself, meet the world with love, but always keep a special place in your heart that is only for your wife and that no one else is allowed to enter.
  3. Fall in love with your wife again and again. Over time, you both will change and you will have to choose each other again and again. YOU MUST NOT STAY WITH YOU. And if you do not pay attention to her, she may perhaps give her heart to someone else or completely shut her up.
  4. Always focus on the good things about her. Focus on what you love. What you pay attention to will increase.
  5. Never forget that it is not the job to change or improve it. Your job is to love her as she is without wanting to change her.
  6. Take responsibility for your emotions. It is not your wife’s job to make you happy. You are responsible for making sure you are well. And when you are well, your joy will transfer to your relationship and strengthen your love.
  7. Never blame your wife for being mad at her because she is inciting something in YOU. Your feelings, your responsibility.
  8. Allow your wife to be just herself. If she is sad or angry, it is not your job to “fix” her. Your job is to keep them and to give them security. Let her feel that you are there for her, that she is important and that you like to be the pillow into which she is allowed to cry.
  9. Be silly sometimes. Do not take yourself so seriously. Make her laugh. Laughter makes everything easier.
  10. Give her fulfillment. Learn what she loves and what makes her happy and surprise her with it. Ask her for a list of 10 things that make her feel loved. Keep her in mind and use her to let her feel every day how important she is to you.

    MARRIAGE ADVICE I WISH I WOULD HAVE HAD: Obviously, I’m not a relationship expert. But there’s something about my …

    Posted by Gerald Rogers on Sunday, July 28, 2013

  11. Be present. Give her not only your time, but also your full attention when you are with her.
  12. Give her good sex. Let her feel with every fiber of your body how much you love her.
  13. Do not make yourself an idiot. You will both make mistakes. Do not make it too big if something goes wrong and learn from your mistakes.
  14. Give her room. Women are so good at giving and sometimes need to be reminded to take their time. Especially if you have children, give her time to recharge her energy.
  15. Stand by your vulnerability. You do not always have to be strong and invulnerable. Be ready to share your fears and feelings and get up to it quickly when you make mistakes.
  16. Be ready to open yourself. True love needs the willingness to open you with all your heart and let the person you want to let in know what awaits you there. Drop your masks. If you feel like you have to play something and need a mask, you will never know the whole dimension of what love can be.
  17. Never stop growing together. A flowing stream always stays fresh and clear. Find common goals, dreams, and visions for which you can work together.
  18. Do not fight for the money. Money is important, but it does not matter if you argue about it in the partnership. Make sure the finances in your relationship are in balance.
  19. Forgive each other quickly and look to the future instead of clinging to what went wrong in the past. To forgive gives you freedom.
  20. ALWAYS DECIDE FOR LOVE. In the end, that’s the only advice you need. If you let yourself be guided by love, nothing will hurt your marriage. A marriage means life, and this life will bring you highs and lows. To accept all that life will bring you, and to work with love and power to make your relationship succeed will enable you the happiness that builds a bridge to eternal love.

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