Do not forget the newborn mothers!

Everyone rushes to the newborn – and forget the mother. A photo reminds us that she needs our support!

A woman is wired in her hospital bed, clinging to the side of the couch. Is she in pain? Is she desperate? We do not know it. We only know that she just gave birth to a child. Actually a reason to overwhelming joy. Or not?

In the hustle of the room I peered over at my friend’s bent over in pain. Baby just been born and everyone was …

Posted by Alex Michele Photography on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

This photo, taken by US photographer Alex Michele from a friend, is meant to remind us that after the birth of a baby, we should not just fall for the newborn, even though this tiny child is incredibly touching. We must not forget the newborn mom!

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The appeal: Think also of the mother, who now needs support!

There is a woman who has just given birth to a child with the greatest of efforts and is most likely struggling with physical and psychological difficulties: her body is injured, she is riding a hormone roller coaster, has breastfeeding problems, suffers from an acute lack of sleep and has to go with one completely new life.

And then there are the logistical problems: when should she cook, eat, wash, sleep, or care for the other children who may already be there and need support and care?

Only the photographer had eyes for Mom

As all family members gathered around the baby in amazement after birth, Alex Michele shot the photo of her friend – she was the only one in the room who had eyes for her. Michele posted the picture on Facebook and wrote:

“I saw you, Mom. I have seen the pain in your eyes and in your face and in your body … We tend to forget our moms when there are babies. We ask how the baby is, what the baby needs, if we are allowed to hold the baby, to buy this or that for the baby, but … what about mom? “

Above all, she needs a lot of care now:

“Bring meals, someone to keep an eye on the baby so she can take a shower, take care of the other children, clean up, have hot water bottles and coffee and cozy pajamas, maybe fast food, or someone who folds the laundry in. Maybe one new movie to watch or your Netflix login. “

Many young mothers are overwhelmed after birth, overwhelmed, some anxious or even depressed. You need someone who understands how difficult this first time is. And someone who is there and puts a pizza in the oven (and makes a delicious salad).

Many women appreciate the support they have received

Micheles Facebook post has apparently hit a nerve – in no time he went viral. In the comments mothers tell who or what helped them the most after the birth.

“She hired a grooming aid for six weeks and brought food every night, my mom is wonderful.” I’m so thankful, and I’ve learned from it, it’s so important to look after young mothers as well. “

“Thank you for skipping college to help me deliver to Brooklyn after my caesarean section, Thank you for removing the vomit that was everywhere, Thank you for taking care of my two toddlers whenever you thought that it could help me. ❤️❤️ Much love for you, sister 💪🏼🥰

Another woman reminds the fathers to continue to love the young mother and to recognize her needs:

“Fathers, please make sure to continue to love the mom of your babies who made you father, do not forget them, especially in the first few weeks, that’s so important, but I see too many dads taking part in theirs Baby delight, and not really SEE MOM’s needs. “

No matter how we relate to the newborn mother, we should all think about whether and how we can support them, and then help them – of course not without feeling what is desired and what is not.

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