“Do you believe in the great love?” Tell three generations

Is there great love – or is it just a myth? We asked three women from different generations about their experiences.

Our series: “3 generations tell”

In the editorial department, we regularly discuss topics that move and occupy us – about dating, important decisions, parents, beauty , the meaning of life or about our relationship to the job. It is always noticeable that the different generations that are represented in our editorial staff tick differently.

That’s why we created the series “Three Generations Telling” in which women from the Brigitte cosmos have their say. It pays to keep looking back! Today the question is: “Do you believe in the great love?”

Laura (18): “It depends on the relationship”

“I do not believe in one soulmate floating around the globe, but I believe much more that it matters what a couple does with their relationship, and then, with luck, the other one can actually become the love of life but better than waiting for the one dream prince and putting too high demands on him.Is not the idea too sad that only one person in the world can really love – and then perhaps not hit at all? One should live one’s life happy to live instead of waiting for someone who may not come. “

Anna (32): “I believe that two people meet for a reason”

“Whether I believe in the great love, well, and I do not believe that there is only one person in the world with whom you are soulmates and stay together forever – but I believe in destiny and in that two people meet for a reason and that there is something like the greatest love in life – the strongest, the unwavering, the one that lasts longer than a few dates, a few kisses, a few vacations. It may even be obvious at first glance! “When I hear such a scientific nonsense as” Being in love – that’s all just a mistake in the brain “, I get angry and say:” Stop trying to understand everything in life “Love is one of the few things you can not explain scientifically – and that’s damn good!”

Anna (73): “I found her”

“Of course I believe in the great love – and maybe that’s why I found it.” When I was young, that belief or my yearning for the great feeling drove me first and foremost, until I was in my early 30s looking for great love without knowing what she looks like, what she feels like, what she means to me, partly that was quite disturbing, but then, when I was old enough and ready for it, I found my great love, and that Search had an end, I felt that I had arrived and was safe and did not need to look left and right, and in the 40 or so years that my husband and I spent together kept that feeling in me and even now After his death, I feel it.For me, our relationship has just confirmed my faith. “

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