Do you have a magnet person in life? These signs speak for it

In your life, all relationships are resolved and all relationships are either completed or active? Well then these signals will certainly not seem familiar at all …

This one Ex, with which you would try it again immediately. The first great love that never became a relationship. The best friend, who suddenly moved away in seventh grade and was gone forever. Or the German teacher, who would like to meet again as an adult …

Zehn Anzeichen, dass dein Partner noch seine Ex liebt

Sometimes people come into our lives, accompany us a bit (more or less intensively), leave deep traces and then disappear again - without ever really letting go of them. The strange thing is that our relationship with these people did not have to be very deep or bilateral. What matters is that they moved us and shaped our imagination.

But how do we know that a person is more than a memory? How do we know that we have not finished with her and that part of us may always be attached to her like a magnet? These signs speak at least very much for it ...

5 signals that you have a magnet person in life

1. You seek / observe him regularly

Every year you google the person or search on Facebook, Instagram and Co.? Or do you follow her quietly and secretly on social media? Let go definitely looks different!

2. You often imagine seeing him

Sometimes you see strangers and think at first, they are your magnet-man? It may be that they are similar to him, but that they even notice you, already indicates that you are looking for a biiisschen after him. This brings up an interesting question: what do you feel in the moments when you think you see it? Excitement? Joy? Hope? Fear? ...

3. He always appears in your thoughts

Do you occasionally ask yourself how this man is doing and where his life has taken him? There is probably - for you at least - not everything cleared up yet.

4. You dream of him

Your magnet-human sometimes appears to you in a dream? Can only be due to the fact that he has left deep traces in your soul.

5. You compare others with him

Even if they do not even remind you of this person: Often you use them unintentionally as a benchmark for new people and acquaintances? Ahem, yes! This person definitely has a high priority in your life.

Magnet-human in life - and now?

Normally it is not so bad to have such a magnet person in life. We can not trace every relationship that means anything to us, and bring it to a conclusion, after which we say, "So, that's it! Now I'm done with that person." But we do not have the time, we only have one life with 24 hours a day.

On the other hand, some people are particularly strong and often we are less concerned with the person than with the phase in which we met them and spent time with them. Often, people we met at puberty or in their early 20s leave deeper emotional marks than people we meet later.

If we accept these two things, we can also live happily and peacefully with our unfinished businesses and magnets. If, on the other hand, we are not able to accept them, then perhaps we should also accept that - and do everything we can to clarify the situation with the magnet!

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