Do you have that certain something? These signs speak for it!

For others, you recognize that certain something immediately, but you do not think you have it? Maybe yes! Pay attention to these nine signals …

Yes, yes, that certain something. Everyone immediately knows what they mean, or at least met someone who embodies it. But describing exactly what it actually is is more difficult for most people. That’s probably why this spongy term: something. Something can be everything. But it is not. At least not that certain something. Because that’s something special.

For others, we usually feel immediately if they have that certain something or not. They have a special charisma, a charisma that somehow stands out. Certainly not to the same extent, because the sensation of the certain something is also subjective. But if you feel it with someone, then usually very fast.

Only that they themselves have the certain something, would probably say the least of themselves. No wonder – one’s own charisma and how one acts on others, one finally does not realize. (Incidentally, the reasons why you underestimated most of the time , we reveal here). But you would like to know if you have that certain something? Okay, if a lot of the following things apply to you, at least speak for it!

Do you have that certain something? That’s what you recognize

1. People remember you

You are often recognized, even by people with whom you have been in contact only fleetingly? Then you have obviously left an impression!

2. You can listen well

It’s easy for you to let others talk while you sit back and just be there? Any bet that you love a lot of people for this property!

3. You like videos rather than photos

You think you are so medium photogenic? It is quite possible that this is true. In photos just the charisma is not really over, facial expressions, gestures, speech – everything that makes up the charisma of a person is missing on a rigid picture. So if you tend to like the video sequences better, the explanation could be that your radiance makes you shine.

4. If you’re in a good mood, you’re sticking with it

Are most people friendly to you when you’re in a good mood? And reciprocate your smile? Alright: they feel you!

5. You are relatively happy with you

Even if you have more self-doubt than you might like: on the whole, can you live well with yourself? Then you just need to pull off everything that bothers you about yourself, and you already know why you have that certain something for others!

6. You show your emotions

Anyone who is reasonably sensitive and emotionally intelligent usually knows how you feel? And if something really makes you happy, sad or angry, are you holding your feelings down anyway? Speak a lot for having an open and balanced nature. And believe us: This is much more like your environment, as if they feel that you are constantly hiding something.

7. You can put yourself well in others

It’s not only easy for you to listen, but to understand others too? And even on an emotional level, that is, you can really imagine how they feel, what they go through, etc? Sounds like you’re the person whose advice you actually want to hear. 😅

8. You can laugh about yourself

Even if you have a blackout and what’s really stupid of you, can you laugh afterwards over it? And self-irony is your thing anyway? You can not imagine how positively you strike out in such an unaffected way in a world where most people show only the best of themselves and many let their vanity guide them …

9. You can not handle everybody

As I said, that certain something does not come to everyone as such! If you’re authentic and self-confident, you’re guaranteed to offend others as well. And that there are people who envy you for your enchanting charisma, your certain something, because you yourself are insecure and dissatisfied with yourself, you should also be clear.

If you have come to the conclusion that you do not have the certain something, do not worry: The personality changes anyway with each person for a lifetime. So even if it is not yet so far: your glory days are guaranteed to come!

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