Do you have the courage to ask your partner these 12 questions?

Do you want to know what your partner really thinks about you? Then these 12 questions will help to find out.

In relationships, we are often focused on what does not work. Is not he attentive enough? Is there too much work and organization hanging on you? Does he rather dad on the mobile rum?

These problems must and can be discussed. However, today we will show you another way to reach your partner. By asking him honest questions to help him figure out what he thinks about the relationship and what his feelings are.

However, such a conversation only works if you give your partner the space to be open. It does not help if you interrupt and defend yourself on every question. The answers are his point of view and in their world they have their justification. Later you can swap roles, and he asks the questions.

If you take that into account, you have a wonderful chance to get to know your partner even more intensively.

1. In what situations do you feel loved by me?

2. In which situations do you feel unloved?

3. Am I touching you enough?

4. Is there something about sex that you would like to try out?

5. Do you receive enough compliments from me?

6. Do you think that there is something in which I am not honest with you?

7. How do I enrich your life?

8. Do you think we spend too much time together? Or too little?

9. What hurt you most in our relationship?

10. Are you 100 percent convinced that I am true?

11. Is there anything in our relationship that scares you?

12. Is there a behavior on me that irritates you?

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