Dream Woman: 7 qualities that make you on

Hand on heart: Would not we all like to be a dream woman? Then we should also try to be one – because not only men benefit from it …

What is a dream woman?

Big breasts, tight buttocks and a beautiful smile – qualities that will surely spontaneously come to mind of some of us when it comes to what men imagine under a dream woman. But would we also describe our dream man as a well-built guy with six-pack, broad shoulders and well-groomed hands? Just!

For men, eye-catchers and dream women are just as different pairs of shoes when searching for a partner as they are for us.

  • Eye-catcher: attractive, human, whom we would like to conquer and who is absolutely in favor of dating, falling in love and sex
  • Dream Woman: Man, whom we ideally want for the rest of our lives on our side (and next to us in bed).

Sure: Every eye-catcher can also be a dream woman. But the qualities that make her an eye-catcher are different from those she calls a dream woman. Because what men love in the long term to a woman, you usually do not see at first glance .

7 qualities of a dream woman for life

1. She speaks openly what moves her.

Surprise, surprise: men can read thoughts as bad as women. And who likes to have a relationship with a partner who keeps reminding him of what he is bad at …? Dreamwomen tell their friend what is going on , and spare him headaches, frustration, and annoyance. And by the way, too …

2. She has her own head.

To brag about the mates, a fancy appendage might be nice. But when it comes to shaping a life together, women can hardly be independent, self-reliant and purposeful enough for men. Of course, as a friend, we should also make compromises and not expect to always enforce our wholly-owned will. But in a dream partnership, the partners inspire each other . This is not without their own ideas, their own goals, their own friends, their own hobbies – own head.

3. It is not always predictable.

Yes, even dream women are in a bad mood or are so enthusiastic about an idea that the sparks fly around them. Unbelievable, but true: That makes them – even for a man – human, lovable and charming . No one wants to spend his life on a machine, not even if she’s sexy, blond and blue-eyed.

4. She is honestly interested in his view of things.

A dream woman takes her partner seriously and sees his input (opinion, view, wishes, interests) as enrichment and inspiration. Nice side effect for him: He gets to feel that! Jackpot for his ego and self-confidence. Psychology is sometimes so simple – honestly loving and respecting a person, and then you become irresistible for him …

5. She enjoys her life.

What matters more in mate choice: the look or feel we have in the presence of the other? Exact, the feeling, in both men and women. But it does not make anyone feel good when partner or partner is constantly disciplined and stoic and refuses to enjoy anything. On the other hand, people who like to live and enjoy invest in their environment and make others happier with their kind. No wonder that enjoyment is a dream woman’s criterion …

6. She enjoys having sex.

And in combination with point 1 – Jackpot! In bed, he’s not about beauty, special skills or qualities. He also does not care if our zodiac signs harmonize sexually. What most of them find incredibly sexy and irresistible is when a woman feels like it and goes off intercourse and gets her money’s worth . Not for him, but for himself. Win-win situation, what it looks like …

(If you have orgasm problems: why this is no reason to despair, you will learn in our article.)

7. She trusts him.

Yes, healthy jealousy is part of a healthy relationship and is even a sign of love . But those who are healthy and jealous can trust their partner – and men want that from a dream woman. Because it gives them security and relaxes the relationship . And at least subliminally well, because trust in relationships always requires a certain degree of self-esteem – and to have that, a (dream) woman finally has every reason to …

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Why does not the “real dream woman” correspond to our stereotype?

Three billion men could be asked that all respondents agree that the perfect woman does not exist . And even if they existed, no one would want to be with such a woman , who in him with their perfection and perfection triggers permanent inferiority complex.

Granted, as a single , men may describe their dream women with features such as slender, curvy, humorous, intelligent or lead stars and fashion queens like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian. But if you concentrate on success stories from real life, on men who have found in their partner their dream woman and true love , then you just get answers like

  • she is never bored with her
  • I can laugh with her
  • it gives me a sense of security.

So it is a mistake to think that we have to have certain measurements or hairstyles to be perceived by men as a dream woman. To be self-confident and authentic are the true dream woman qualities . And when we set that up as goals for our lives and for our personality development, not only men have it.

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