Dual Souls: Do you know your Soul Twin?

Is there someone else in your life who you feel more connected to than anyone else, but who does not succeed? Maybe you two are dual souls.

Dual Souls: Do you know your Soul Twin?

Let’s not pretend that we all sometimes feel things that we just can not figure out. For example:

  • Loneliness in good company (although we have tried everything to overcome this loneliness )
  • an indefinite longing, although we would have to be content (and this goes far beyond the human yearning for love)
  • a strong attraction to someone who does us no good

One possible explanation for these strange phenomena can be summed up in just one word: dual souls!


What are dual souls?

Dual souls, also called twin souls, are parts of a soul that has split and settled in two separate bodies.

I beg your pardon? So namely:

Those who believe in the dual soul path usually also assume that a soul is immortal and is born again and again in different incarnations in the eternal (or at least very long) cycle.

In order for the soul not to become boring in the long run or to heal inflicted wounds, it can split into duals. They form, like yin and yang, two opposing parts that complement each other, attract and only form a whole together. In practice, for example, a person appears in which an emotional soul-part resides, like a heart-human, while one with a rational soul-part comes across as a rational man – which finally would clarify why there are so-called heart-people and intellectuals.


Why do souls split into dual souls?

What exactly sets the dual soul process going – whether it is a conscious decision behind it or whether it is defined in a given soul plan – is different. But it is clear that each soul goes its own way and sooner or later comes to a point where it becomes dual.

The meaning behind it and the benefits of the whole action for the soul:

  • Each dual soul experiences its soul portion more intensively than in the complete soul
  • Each twin soul grows to the challenge of coping with life without the missing part
  • The attraction between the twin souls releases energy and excites every single dual soul in its actions
  • The soul is purified in the process because the pain of separation and the yearning for the missing part forces them to deal with themselves and heal old wounds
  • Self-acceptance, self-love, and trust in life are strengthened

Recognize dual souls

So far, all right? Exactly! Then at least now there are (at least) two crucial questions :

How do I know if I’m currently traveling as a dual?
How do I find and recognize my very special soul mate, my dual soul?
As in many details of the dual soul concept, the opinions also split at these points (in keeping with the theme 😜). Here are the most likely and plausible answers.

1. How do I know if I am a dual soul?

A soul that takes on a human form is probably always on the way as a dual soul. For example, that would explain why we all feel we are looking all our lives, developing and learning to do so.

If two soul parts then meet in their lives and are ready for a reunion, then the whole soul withdraws from the earthly life for a while after the death of their incarnations. Until she eventually hits the dual soul path again.

In plain language that means: We are all dual souls – and therefore all have a dual soul counterpart.

2. How do I find and recognize my dual soul partner?

Fortunately, everyone agrees on two points:

When our dual soul crosses our path, we are guaranteed to recognize it, all by itself – because we feel it.
We do not have to search actively. The attraction between two related dual souls is so strong that sooner or later they will meet.
When this encounter takes place and how it feels and how it works is again not clear. The most logical is the following theory:

When the soul embarks on the dual soul path, it has to complete certain learning tasks, to heal wounds, or to take developmental steps. At the latest, as soon as each soul part is finished, the dual souls reunite as if by magic, can unite and be happy with each other.

However, if two related dual souls meet each other before the cleansing process is completed, it will cause them more pain. Although they feel the unusually strong attraction and togetherness, they can not be happy with each other. Each part sees itself in the other as in a mirror – and the sight of this injured, imperfect image hurts.

What does it mean to us if we are all dual souls?

This is perhaps the nicest thing about dual soul theory: for some strange phenomena, it provides us with explanations, and otherwise, it reinforces us in what we already do – live, learn, love, grow.
How so? Therefore, the overriding task that every dual soul has to face is to be independent, confident, and authentic. Only when both dual souls have accomplished this task, they are really ready to reunite.

Important: On their way, the twin souls can and should, of course, enter into a deep, intimate partnership with other people and feel true love for them. Because as I said: As long as the dual is not ready for reunification, she does not make a relationship with her soul twin anyway happy.

In addition, dual souls do not always necessarily adopt characters that are sexually compatible – they can be siblings, age apart, or even get stuck in different ways (after all, we can assume that animals are also animated).

So whether we believe in dual souls or not, as long as we follow our own way and feel and make our own mistakes, we’ll do it right – even if we do not always understand everything.

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