Emotional request of a father to people who go red at the traffic light

“That was damn close!” Why dad blogger Markus Brandl asks all people who are red at the traffic light, pleading not to do that.

This experience has touched him a lot. On Facebook and on Instagram dad blogger Markus Brandl reports from his life as a young father. One of his recent posts attracted a lot of attention. In it Markus Brandl describes a frightening experience with a small child at a traffic light. His thoughts on this he has written down in this Facebook post, which we like to share here.

Hello Rotger!

Finally I’m finished. The sun is shining, it smells of spring. I take the bus home, after all, the journey takes only twelve minutes. Time it looks really good today – maybe I can enjoy the last rays of sunshine with the boys in the garden. I’m in a bit of a hurry, after all, every minute counts, the sun will soon go down. The bus stops at my stop, I jump out and march fast pace home. There. A road crossing.

The traffic light is red. Opposite me, across the street, I see a little boy

– I estimate him for four years. He wears a little blue bicycle helmet and sits on a blue Puki bike without pedals. Next to him, his mother is waiting on a city bike. Concentrated, the boy observes the red light, interrupted only by a quick glance up to his mother – she smiles at him. She is obviously proud of her stopper. This little scene touches me, not only because the little man reminds me of my own son Paul, but above all because the two communicate with each other without really talking. About looks. They trust each other. And that is noticeable.

Suddenly a guy pushes his way between them and crosses the street. The traffic light is still red.

I estimate the man to be around 50 years old. He wears a shirt with many colorful polo sports and sailing logos of the city state of Monaco, though I doubt he is active in one of the clubs there. Particularly striking are his headphones, which I first perceive as brush heads for an electric toothbrush, but only work wirelessly. He speaks, obviously in some hidden headset. I’ll get used to these bizarre “self-talk” but probably never – I always think that speak with imaginary personalities. He is completely in monologue mode. Look neither to the right nor to the left – and does not even have a very high speed when crossing the street. He walks.

The little boy is visibly irritated, his eyes are no longer on the traffic lights, not on his mother.

His eyes follow the Monegasque professional athlete. And since. His cog moves forward. Not abrupt. Not fast. But it moves to the street. The traffic light is still red. A car is racing towards the crossing. The walking soliloquy has arrived on my side, the front wheel of the boy is half in the street.

The car comes closer, does not slow down. Milliseconds turn into seconds in slow motion. Stop! Stop! Stop!

Just as my reflex wants to yell out this thought, I see the boy’s mother jerking his bike off the road. That was pretty close! The mother knows that. Her son knows that. I know that. Apart from us, hardly anyone paid any attention to this scene. The traffic light turns green. Mother and son drive past me and I can still hear her telling him to wait next time, even if ignorant Rotarians are a bad role model. During this text, I have given the man many descriptions, the most accurate and best has the mother found.

Hello ignorant Rotger, a red light is not only a suggestion! It not only protects pedestrians, not just motorists – it is a serious safety measure for all of us.

Traffic lights are not set up to annoy you, not to take your time or strain your patience, they regulate the traffic so that all individual travel needs are fairly regulated. You see, there is not only you in this world – your fellow human beings would like to reach their destination quickly. And so that not everyone selfish insists on his way, there is a factual and automated traffic light. The regulates the traffic not according to the social status of road users or their personal hurry, but after a firm and yes, thoughtful programming.

But I do not want to lecture you here with a raised finger, but appeal to you.

If you are constantly catching the bus on the last groove, then plan more time. If you are impatient with the wait, just look up into the sky, enjoy the beautiful spring sunshine. Take advantage of the waiting time for a short time to switch off from this stressful life for all of us. Do not stare at your watch, but look around, watch the surroundings. Recognize the beautiful details of your everyday life. Traffic lights can slow you down, yes, but that does not have to be bad. On the contrary – see it as an opportunity!

When you are patient, when you are waiting and as a role model for others, you not only protect yourself, you protect us all. The little boy at the traffic light. His mother. My son Paul.

I think I speak for many parents when I write that we would be glad if you stopped next time at the red light. Thank you.

Please share this simple but important message. “

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