Everyone can enjoy Candy Bar – now it's getting salty! So the Salty Bar is really delicious

A candy bar for a wedding, birthday or other special occasion? Clear! If you are looking for something special, you can count on a Salty Bar!

The Salty Bar is equipped to your liking and the taste of the guests. Let yourself be inspired by the following ideas!

The pumpkin chips are more unusual than salted chips! It also makes guests happy who eat vegan or low carb. Recipe: Pumpkin Chips

If you do not like pumpkin, you will not get enough of cheese chips! Click here for the recipe: Cheese Chips

A well-selected cheese platter completes every Salty Bar. Together with honey and figs an unbeatable delicious snack.

Bruffin is a mixture of brioche and muffin! Although hybrid food is no longer the latest indulgence trend, it still tastes good! Bruffins can also be varied delicious, z. Eg with a filling of cheese and ham or goat cheese, spinach and salmon.

The combination of salty and sweet tastes wonderfully exciting. Delicious salt caramel chocolates are a great addition to the Salty Bar, or sweet caramel pretzels are also great!

Candy bars have taken the wedding parties by storm – those who prefer spicy or salty foods often go away empty-handed. But the trend to build a Salty Bar, either alone or in addition, is on the rise. This is how your Salty Bar becomes a success.

Salty Bar – the Hotspot

Is the menu or the buffet is eaten, the guests are satisfied. But who dances, celebrates and maybe drinks a glass or two of wine, sparkling wine or beer, is nibbling for something! Accordingly, the Salty Bar should be located. Depending on the location, this can be, for example, near the buffet, next to the bar, at the dance floor or outside. As with the 79

Salty Bar – the ingredients

A salty bar is basically made of salty ingredients. But everything does not have to be super salty: spicy, spicy or in combination with something sweet makes the Salty Bar really exciting and also covers several tastes. Of course these classics should not be missing:

    (salted, savory, pastry)


  • cashews
  • pistachios
  • popcorn
  • chips
  • bread chips
  • vegetable chips
  • Nachos with dip


  • pretzels
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • pastry sticks
  • Cheesepops
  • liquorice
  • Mini Salamis
  • olives

Five Exceptional Ideas That Your Guests Will G find it wrong, there are in the gallery! Who wants to add a donor with lemonade or a mix of water and mint

Salty Bar – the decoration

If the sweets are worried, they must still be presented decoratively and at the same time be practical for the guests. These utensils are the perfect helper:

  • different sizes
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  • bowl
  • Wooden board and knife for cheese
  • blades
  • sugar / pliers
  • Stickers, garlands or small stickers for labeling

    Napkins Guests 368 The Salty Bar to match the rest wedding colors and style is ideal and makes it overall consistent. For pretty decoration you can resort to:


  • garlands
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    Salty Bar – Fancy more

    Not just for a wedding, but also for others Guests can enjoy the Salty Bar with a sweet candy bar – to pick them all up!

    Alternatively, these trends have the same effect as the birthday party or anniversary celebrations Conquered hearts of newlyweds, birthday children and other revelers: