Excuses from men who are not interested in you

Instead of saying that he has no feelings for you, he invents the wildest stories. In these sentences, the penny should fall.

Sometimes men are just cowards. For example, when it comes to giving a woman a basket. It is commendable that they do not want to hurt us. But sometimes it’s just better if MAN tells the truth. After all, we then know exactly where we are and do not need to put any more energy into flirting experiments. Instead of talking Tacheles, men like to excuse. Then these hypocritical sentences often fall:

1. “I would not be good for you”

Yes exactly. Because he thinks he is such a bad guy and is extremely disinterested. Also beautiful variants: “You deserve better than me” , “I would not make you happy” or ” You are way too good for me” .

2. “You do not really love me”

How would he know that? The thing is clear: He only wants to calm his bad conscience.

3. “I’m pretty stressed right now”

So so. The time to date women every weekend is here, yes? Nonsense!

4. “I am not the relationship person”

Just weird that he already had some relationships. And otherwise not on one-night stands off.

5. “I do not want to endanger our friendship”

Which friendship please? After two dates you can hardly speak of a friendship.

6. “I have to get my own life first”

Without words …

7. “I am afraid of being hurt again”

No, no, we will not let that apply. It’s more like the fear of telling the truth. Namely, I’m sorry, but I do not feel anything for you.

What to do if he comes with such phrases?

There is only one thing: Stop it now! Because you deserve to know the truth. Disarm him and ask him directly: “Can it be that you are simply not interested in me, then say so please.” In most cases, he then drops the mask. And you can finally finish with the guy.

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