Father as Midwife: Baby Ella Marlen was born in the car

Exciting birth: The baby of Ann-Christin Niemann and Christian Janssen was born in the car – the pregnant mother did not manage to go to the hospital anymore.

Do you already see the hair of the baby? ” Asked the ambulance the excited dad on the phone. When Christian Janssen answered “Yes,” the paramedic said, ” Then you will have to perform the birth now, so stay calm.”

The highly pregnant Ann-Christin Niemann (25) and her friend Christian Janssen (30) from Weener in East Frisia did not make it to the hospital in time. Her little daughter was born in the car on June 7, 2019. Her mom was sitting in the passenger seat of the Mercedes, her dad helped little Ella Marlen as a midwife on the world.

There you have so many feelings of happiness. You never forget that again.

The father received instructions from the control center over the phone – and brilliantly mastered his new job as obstetrician. When the ambulance arrived, daughter Ella Marlen was already born – 3,600 grams and 53 inches tall. “Both are well, luckily we are fine,” says Mama Ann-Christin in an interview with BRIGITTE.de.

When he held his little daughter in his hands for the first time, it was “indescribable,” says the proud daddy. “You have so many feelings of happiness, you never forget that again.” How she looked at you “, remembers her mother Ann-Christin lovingly.

“Next, I just called out, ‘Call an ambulance.'”

Shortly before the rapid car birth, the two had taken a walk with the dog. Ann-Christin says: “Although I had contractions at night, it was no different than the days before, and in the meantime, I slept again and again, and in the mornings I had regular labor at intervals of 20 to 25 minutes When I was over, I could do it all, I could put on my little son for the kindergarten and get rid of myself, it was not like I thought it would start now. “

So Ann-Christian and Christian brought their son to the kindergarten and then started their walk. “‘We’ll make it,’ I said,” laughs Ann-Christin.

Then suddenly massive contractions set in. With the car, they could just drive back home. “The next thing I did was call: call an ambulance,” Ann-Christin says. But her friend Christian initially only asked if she was not exaggerating a bit. “I thought when the pain is over, she thinks differently about it again, but that was not so,” says the happy father. “But then I repeated it again and said: We will not go anywhere anymore,” reports Ann-Christin, and Christian called the ambulance.

Eventually, the amniotic sac blistered and Ann-Christin realized it was not going to happen to the hospital – her baby was born on the spot .

“Now you have to go through this, I just thought,” says Christian Janssen. He again contacted the ambulance, who then gave birth instructions remotely.

At first I was really scared, you have two lives in your hand. But in such a situation, you just do it, you can not understand what you feel at such a moment.

Luckily, everything went well and fast. After 15 minutes and three, four press pains the baby was there.

Even her four-year-old brother Leon is very happy about the birth of his sister. As a reminder of the special birth, the little girl should now get the nickname “Mercy”.

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