First Love: That is how she shapes the whole life

For many people, first love is one of the most formative experiences of all. What makes her so special and how she influences us, you can read here. 11527132 First love: 4 factors make her special (beautiful …)

butterflies in the stomach (*) very intense . No wonder, after all, the first relationship is characterized by many things that distinguish them from all subsequent partnerships … 112514981. Many first times 11374126The first kiss, 1859775393 the first time 3600 the first sex first commitment – and probably also the first separation, the first 1013, the first , All this makes the first love for something very special – especially exciting, especially intense, especially memorable! 93392. 2 Impartiality


The first big We follow our feelings, fully embrace and live freely (and unaware) … 3600. 3 Idealismus

Most people believe in first love, they would last a lifetime – but only a few of them do. Our first love is colored by dreams, ideals (eg from films and stories), hopes and optimism. And for the second, that usually does not apply anymore (so strong …). 11255420. 4 Happy memory 10877600 In retrospect, our first great love often seems even more beautiful than it really was – or less so. For most people, it falls into a time when the “retro-error” is particularly severe: youth, puberty, early 24he. We tend to transfigure memories of those years into positive positives, hide negative aspects or rate them as less serious than we felt at the time (more about the “11040446 Retro error “you will find in our article). 4369 11527132


First love: She's there for that According to psychologists, the first love has a pretty concrete meaning: desillusionieren . That may sound hard now, but it is necessary and important in many cases. For most of us grow up with a very romantic notion of love and great expectations of their first partner – until they realize that he is only human and that a relationship requires a willingness to compromise, care and a sense of responsibility. Welcome to reality, Pocahontas! Already the second partnership appeals to most people with much more realistic ideas (11229578 How many times you have to fall in love until it works you in our article).

However, for disillusionment to work, first love (and that sounds hard now) End Does the relationship “somehow so divergent” because z. If, for example, the place of residence is suddenly no longer the same, there is a danger that we hold on to this love – and with it our illusions … <=b&&122>

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First Love: 5 things that shape her Not surprisingly, the first love also leaves lasting traces in our lives. At least it affects the following things in most people.

1. Claims to Relationship 271733878 As I said: it is the task of the first love to destroy overdrawn ideals and to bring our claims and expectations into the realm of what is realistically possible. In most cases, she fulfills that very well. But of course first love also provides us with new ideals: what we especially enjoyed, we also wish in the following relationships, which was the hardest thing to disappoint, before that we try to protect ourselves best later. Thus, first love sets the standard by which we measure all other loved ones. 11040446. 2 Beuteschema

Whether we like it or not: Our first love determines ours at least a little bit 11251498 Beuteschema . Even if, in the end, we 3600 Heart is broken and we are rather in bad shape: The likelihood that all our future partners are at least a bit similar to our first love is exceedingly high. 3395469782

. 3 Binding behavior

From our first relationship, we usually learn most about ourselves, about our longings, about demands and needs for closeness and distance. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily true that we never repeat the “mistakes” of our first partnership. On the contrary, if we have closed our first partner, we will probably do more with our second partner – unless we are specifically looking for the cause of our “ Relationship anxiety 11628966 ” Actively engaging with the first love and questioning why the relationship ended can therefore be a great asset to all subsequent partnerships.

. 4 Self-confidence

At the first great love, we experience for the first time that we are loveable AND capable of love – and that is extremely important for self-confidence! On the other hand, we get lost right at the beginning of our love career in a 1500unrequited love, this can be quite difficult to cope with. 11229578. 5 Memory

Admittedly, most people probably remember every great love of their lives. But the first has a very special place in their memory. It often marks a milestone on the path to adulthood and, for the first time in our lives, it lets us feel how deep (and complex) the emotions are that are dormant in us. [a]

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